How should the Muslim creed and faith be?

1. Allah exists and is the one and only.
2. Angels exist.
3. The heavenly books are true
4. The Quran is the word of Allah. The Quran is a miracle
5. Prophets are Allah’s messengers Prophethood is true
6. Hz. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Hz. Muhammad is the last prophet
  • Hz. Muhammad is the last prophet
    • Will you give information about the proofs of Hz. Muhammad’s prophethood and the Quran’s being the word of Allah?
    • Hidden Facts
    • Proofs of Prophethood
  • The Prophet gives information about ghayb (the unseen/unknown)
    • It is stated in some verses of the Quran that “nobody but Allah can know ghayb”. How can we evaluate some prophets and some saints giving information about the future in the light of those verses?
  • The prophet showed miracles
    • It is said that there are forty the miraculous aspects of the Quran; how should we understand it?
    • The Miracles of the Prophet Mentioned in the Quran
    • The Miracles of the Prophet
7. Resurrection is true; revival after death will take place
  • Resurrection after death will take place
    • Belief in the Hereafter
    • Proofs of Belief in the Hereafter
    • What are the importance and benefits of belief in the hereafter for society and the individual?
  • Gathering Place is true
  • There is reckoning in the hereafter
  • There is Sirat (the Bridge) in the hereafter
    • There are some people who claim that there is no bridge called Sirat. Is there information about the Sirat Bridge in the verses of the Quran and hadiths?
8. Paradise and Hell have been created and they are eternal
9. There is qadar (predestination)
10. It is Allah who creates good and evil
11. Allah knows the future
12. Hadith-Sunnah is the source of the religion Hadith-Sunnah is the approval of Allah
13. The Companions are the most virtuous individuals after prophets. The superiority of the Companions
14. Madhhabs (sects) exist and they are true
15. A person who commits a major sin does not become an unbeliever
16. A person who dies as a believer will not stay in Hell forever.
17. Miracles exist and they are true.
18. Karamah exists and it is true.
19. Ru’yah (seeing Allah) is true and will take place
20. There is intercession and it is true
  • Intercession is Right
  • Can you explain what intercession is? Is there a verse in the Quran showing that the Prophet will intercede for us?
  • Is intercession true according to verses and hadiths?
21. Tawassul is permissible according to verses and hadiths
  • Tawassul is permissible according to verses and hadiths
22. Tabarruk, (expecting blessing from things) is permissible
  • Tabarruk, (expecting blessing from things) is permissible
23. Paradise is (Allah’s) grace; Hell is justice
24. Life in the grave is true and there is life in the grave
  • There is life in the grave
    • Life in the grave is true based on verses, hadiths and ijma (consensus)
    • Life in the grave is true
  • Munkar and Nakir reckoning
25. Miraj miracle is true
  • When and how did the miracle of Isra and Miraj, the greatest miracles of the Prophet (pbuh), occur? How did the Prophet (pbuh) describe that event?
26. There are signs of Doomsday
27. The prayer of the living for the dead is true
  • Will you explain with verses and hadiths that charities done and chapters of the Quran read for the dead will benefit the dead?
  • Can the Quran be read for the dead?
28. Wiping over khuffs is true
  • Is it enough to wipe the naked feet only without washing the feet while making wudu?
29. A person who says I am a Muslim cannot be called an unbeliever
  • What is the decree about calling a Muslim, a non-Muslim or an unbeliever “unbeliever”?
  • Ahl as-Sunnah avoids takfir (accusing a person of unbelief).
30. Muta marriage is forbidden
31. The groups of Bid’ah
  • Shia
    • SHIA
    • Are Shia, Shiites and Alevites regarded as Ahl as-Sunnah and jama’ah (congregation)?
  • Mutazila
  • Kharijites
    • Who are Kharijites? How did they emerge? What are their main characteristics?
    • Kharijites: A Radical Group of a Peaceful Religion
  • Jabriyya
32. Some issues according to Ahl as-Sunnah
  • Is it permissible to use prayer beads?


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