Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

1.1. Our purpose of preparing the privacy policy is to show how much we care about our visitors. The following statements explain the methods of collecting and using the information we obtain through the site of

1.2. The site collects personal information related to visitors through two methods:

1.2.1. Information collected automatically through the web browser as it is done in all internet websites.

1.2.2. Information given while registration optionally and voluntarily; e.g. “registration to the website”, “e-mail newsletter” etc.

2. Automatically Collected Information

2.1. The web server records some information related to visitors automatically. This information includes your date of visit, IP address peculiar to the visitor, browser name, operating system, country and the internet page you visit in our website.

2.2. Like any website, the information that the website has is short and general information. This information guides us to improve the content of the site and to meet the needs of the visitors. It also helps our visitors to customize the content.

3. Registration Samples

3.1. As in various examples, the information we obtain through voluntary registration enables us to help our visitors, to provide them with useful information and to communicate with them. In addition, it also enables us to improve the content of the site in compliance with the needs of the visitors.

3.2. Those registration samples require information (like name and e-mail) to be entered. The information collected through registration samples is used only for answering questions and communication.

3.3 This information is not given or sold to a third party by any means unless there is a legal demand. However, the number of general visitors only can be given to advertisers but personal information is not given to third parties by any means.

4. Links to Other Sites

4.1. This site contains links to different websites as well as sites that provide statistics and analysis services. site is not responsible for the privacy policies of such sites and has no authority over the processing methods of the information obtained by those sites.

4.2. By visiting our site, you accept the right of the site to use the services of the tracking sites. In addition, you free our site from the responsibility of those sites.

5. Guarantee of Information Security

5.1. website provides the necessary guarantee tools to ensure that the information it obtains is not lost, misused or changed. Our guarantee: Only a few people, as trustworthy software developers and editors, deal with this information and it is backed up periodically to a safe place.

6. Irregular Site Newsletter

6.1. site will irregularly send some information from the site.

By using the site services, you confirm that you will accept these e-mails. You are to accept such e-mails for the continuation of the free services of If you have any complaints, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] or use our "contact" page.

6.2. Our site does not send disturbing spam e-mails.

6.3. Our site generally sends daily browser notifications, informing the user about the existence of current articles and questions. If you want to cancel this notification, you must turn off notifications from site from the browser settings on your device. Those notifications can be turned off only from your device.

7. Changing Privacy Policies

We periodically review the privacy policy of the site. We can make some changes when necessary. If we make changes, you will be notified with the date that there is up to date information if you are registered in the browser notification system. Thereupon, you can then review the new privacy policy. For, the new decrees will be valid beginning from the date of publication. This notification mark will be visible for 10 (ten) days as of the day of update. When you enter the site after the changes made, you are regarded to have accepted the new changes. When you are notified of such changes, you are recommended to visit our site; thus, you will be aware of the new privacy policies of the site.

8. Arrangement of Information

Please send an email to [email protected] to arrange your information.

9. Contact with the Site

Please use the "Contact" page in to contact the Questions on Islam website.

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