Our website has been serving people continuously for 6 years without expecting any material or spiritual payment. Our aim is to continue our service similarly without expecting any material or spiritual interest onlyfor the content and pleasure of Allah. However, acting upon the messages like what can I do for your website?How can I support you? etc, we have decided to list what you can do as follows.

1.To Support the Publicity of the Website

You can help people whose minds and hearts have been injured by many questions find answers to their questions by introducing our website to them.

For instance, you can share a question-answer or article that you have liked in our site to your friends and tell them that the resource is Questions on Islam website, leading them to reach our website.

You can publish or post articles from our website in various platforms (information sources like forum sites, wikipedia, facebook, newsgroups, etc…), mentioning that the resource is

You can include the banner of our website in your own websites or in the websites of the people you know, facilitating people to have access to this resource.

2.To Contribute to the Content of our Website

You may be a writer, a researcher, or an academician. You may have studies. You can help by sending your studies to us for publication, enabling thousands of people to reach them every day.

3. Answering Questions as an Editor

If you have knowledge in Islamic field, you can help us in answering the questions that were asked to the website. You can also help to edit the content of the sources such as (book, thesis, and article) and make them suitable to our site.

4. If you have a Good Command of a Foreign Language

If you have a good command of a foreign language, you can help translate our website to different languages. Currently, the English version of our website is active and Russian version will be active this year. However, studies for the German, Flemish, Dutch and Bulgarian versions of our website have started; articles are being translated at the moment. You can support us by translating articles into the languages that you have a good command of in order to inform people about those studies and answer the questions in their minds.

5.If you want to support us financially

You can contribute by meeting the scientific and technical expenses of our website.

Please contact us through the contact link in order to support us.

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