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By making InfoGraphics on various religious subjects, we aim to make some specific information more striking and catchy.

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What is Death?

Death is a discharge from the duties of life; it is a rest, a change of residence, a change of existence; it is an invitation to an eternal life, a beginning, the introduction to an immortal life.” (Risale-i Nur Collection; the Letters, First Letter)


For a prospective...

The work titled 'Belief in Angels' is now completed!

'Since belief in angels is an indispensable rule of Islamic belief, it is of course very important and precious.'
'The existence of the angels is as definite as the existence of human beings and animals.'
'Allah Almighty who enlivened the world with living creatures in such a...

After the Three Months and the Fast of Shawwal

“Whoever fasts six days in Shawwal after Ramadan that s/he has passed fasting, is like having passed the whole year by fasting.” (Riyad as-Salihin, Vol.2,P.510,2.)


The Three Months (Rajab, Shaban Ramadan of  the Lunar Calendar based on Hijrah/the Migration from Mecca to Madinah), is a...

Farewell Ramadan, Welcome Eid (Festival)


Eid is a day of joy and cheer. It is one of the nice days that lofty feelings overflow; the feelings of love and respect revive among believers. Solidarity and fusion reach the limits that day.

Eid is one of the best means of bringing people together and integrating them. The...

Laylatul Qadr (Night of Power)

We reach the most luminous and fruitful night on the Night of Power. Ramadan is the only month and the Night of Power is the only night mentioned in the Quran. The Lord of the Universe informed His beloved Prophet about the honor and value of those fruitful hours. The virtue of that night is so...

Why Ramadan, Why Fasting?

Fasting is a kind of worship that has many benefits like making us notice that we are slaves, understanding the value of the bounties, educating our souls, understanding the state of the needy people in the community and being a means of diet for the body.

We will evaluate some of those...

Ramadan Law from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

If somebody eats something forgetfully while s/he is fasting, and remembers that s/he was fasting, then s/he should complete his/her fast, for Allah has made him/her eat and drink. (Darimi, Sawm: 23; Muslim, Siyam: 171)


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Ramadan from the tongue of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

The sleep of the fasting person is worship, and his silence is deemed as glorifying.  many times more merits are given for his good deeds and worship. His prayers are accepted; his sins are forgiven and eliminated.


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You're just seeing a pen and a white paper. You're not seeing something else or anyone. You're not seeing anyone who is that powerful, intelligent and Creator. My materialist friend! Did you realize something? You're just believing an invisible thing. You're not seeing any special artist but you...