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Our Aim

Our Aim is to answer the questions about Islam and to illuminate people. In the present day, when so many issues are discussed about Islam, informing people correctly has been one of the most important duties of Muslims. To this end, we try to help people with questions by benefiting from trustable Islamic sources and from scholars. The aim of our site is solely the acceptance of God and to give answers to people's questions as well as we can.

Our Objective

To become a trustable source of consultation in every issue about Islam and to serve in all the languages upon Earth are among the most important objectives of our site.

Our History

At a time when Internet has begun to be a means of communication reaching great crowds of people across the world, Sorularla Islamiyet, the first and main site of our group, was founded by a group of academics in the year 2002, with the intention of fighting anti-Islamic ideas on the Internet and of explaining the true Islam and the truth befitting best to Islam with convincing methods. Sorularla Islamiyet, which continued till the midst of 2003 with probe-broadcast, began its active service since the July of the same year with a professional background, a group of scholars specialized in their fields, with editors and a technical staff.

Sorularla Islamiyet, which turned out to be a searching center where hundreds of questions were answered daily till the year of 2006, having met millions of people in the cyber space in that period, has begun to continue its broadcast in English since January, 2006.

Our Staff

Broadcast Director

Dr. Ahmet Çolak


Said Biçer

Design / Coding and Web Content Editor

Ahmet Settar

We would like to thank the following:

the estimable founders and members of İstanbul Suffa Foundation and Büyükçekmece Bilim ve Gelişim Derneği (Science and Development Society), the financial supporters of our website

Fatih Durgut, Yusuf Daştan, Nusret Tümay, Metin Safsoy, Serdar Özpınar, Tolga Güzel, İlhan Kıyak, Zülkif Saltık, Ali Tosun, the estimable members of our technical consultant staff, who have always supported us materially and spiritually beginning from the formation of our website up to now, who backed us in our infancy period, and who enlightened us with their ideas, enabling us to reach the current level

And our users, who never left us alone, who always supported us through their mails and valuable comments that they wrote 'the one who causes something to happen is as if he has done it' as stated by the hadith, we pray Allah and His Divine Mercy to give them their shares out of the rewards that have occurred in this service that reached the current state without having any material aims.

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