Alaaddin Başar (Prof.Dr.)

He was born in Erzurum in 1947. He attended elementary school, high school and university in the same city. He graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration in 1969. He became an assistant in 1970, a doctor in 1974, an assistant professor in 1978 and a professor in 1988. He retired from the same faculty in 2011. Currently, he is spending all of his time on serving belief and the Quran, writing books and articles on them and doing scientific research. Since 2008, he has been working on a long-term program in the form of videos and books called “Sorularla Sözler” (Words with Questions), which is still filmed. He is also working on Mesnevi-i Nuriye. Alaaddin Başar's works are published in the websites Sorularla İslamiyet and Sorularla Risale; his books and articles are published by Zafer Yayınları and in Zafer periodical.

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