Broadcast Policy

  1. The site Question on Islam does not have to answer/publish every asked question.
  2. The user cannot demand any copyrights for the question s/he asks if it is published. S/he accepted giving all copyrights of his/her question to the site in the membership system.
  3. The copyrights of other written materials sent to the site are accepted as turned over to the site retaining the names of the authors.
  4. Other materials sent to the site are published with the consent of the groups of editors. Otherwise the owners of articles cannot demand any rights if they are not published.
  5. When such sharing sections of our site as Send to A Friend are used, our site is not responsible for any event of sending disturbing nunber of e-mails.
  6. Our site does not accept any responsibility for any events of disturbance by the e-mails sent to our members who demand news notices from news list. The individual has accepted all the conditions by becoming a member.
  7. Question on Islam keep your data in security with utmost pracautions. For this reason, our site saves cookies in your computer. We do not accept responsibility for security violations caused by cookies.
  8. Whoever uses the sources in our site without asking permission and without preserving copyrights directly accept the legal initiatives we will go through.

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