The month of Shaban

This holy month, in which divine prosperity and abundance enliven the earth, is the most profitable and beneficial month. The most important aspect of Shaban that increases its value is the fact that the reward of the worshipping performed in Shaban is three hundred times more than other months...

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We have just uploaded the 9th video of the work titled Belief in the Hereafter : The Proof of Grandeur and Majesty. Enjoy the new video!

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Belief in the Hereafter


The Night of Wishes, Lailat’ul-Ragha’ib

“Ragha’ib” is an Arabic word derived from the root “ra-gha-ba”, which literally means to wish for something, to desire, to tend towards something and to make efforts to obtain something. And the word “raghib” is a noun derived from “raghaba” and means something that is desired, wished for and...

A Comprehensive Comparison of Belief & Denial

The world is viewed through two glasses. One is the glasses of belief and the other is the glasses of denial.

In order to view this PPT presentation, at first you need to click on the link given below; dowload it and then extract the zip file onto your desktop. After extracting the zipped...

A Muslim cannot be a terrorist; a terrorist cannot be a real Muslim

A Muslim cannot be a terrorist; a terrorist cannot be a real Muslim. Those who killed people in Bataclan concert hall cannot be real Muslims either. We fiercely condemn Paris Attacks.


Islam is a religion of tolerance; it regards Islam as the most valuable being; it regards...

Laylatul Barat (Night of Barat)

Is there no one asking forgiveness that I may forgive them? Is there no one asking sustenance that I may grant them sustenance? Is there no one under trial that I may relieve them? It goes on like that until dawn rises. Ibn Majah, Iqama, 191.


Characteristics and Importance of...

Tarawih Prayer

The Prophet (pbuh) stated the following: "The previous sins of a person who revives (prays and worships in) Ramadan by believing and expecting the reward from Allah will be forgiven." (Bukhari, Iman, 25, 27; Muslim, Musafirin, 173, 176; Ibn Majah, Iqamatu's-Sala, 173; Tirmidhi, Sawm, 83)


Frequently asked questions about Zakat and their answers

What is zakat?

Who is obliged to give zakat?

What does nisab mean? What is the amount of nisab?

What are essential needs?

Is it necessary to give zakat for tools and materials?

Can zakat be given before its due time?

Can a rich person give a promissory...