How should we understand the sentence "Good and evil are from Allah."?

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Good: Legitimate deed, useful deed. Good deed.  Evil: Bad deed. wrong.

Good and evil are from Allah. He is the one who creates the good and the evil. However, he consents to good, but not to evil. Moreover, what we call good and evil is about whether the deed is in accordance with Allah's orders and consent. That is, it is not related to the deed itself, but to its attribute.

That is to say, speaking, seeing, hearing, walking… They are all deeds. Allah is the creator of all those deeds, whether good or evil. If the deed is in accordance with Islam, it will be called as good; otherwise, it will be called as evil. Does a person who believes in the oneness of Allah not regard Him as the sole creator of all those deeds?

A person only desires to do something and uses his partial will to do it. And Allah is the creator of the outcome. If the truth is not accepted like that, the following contradiction will arise: When the same deed is good, it is created by Allah, otherwise... otherwise... How do we end the sentence?

Let us give only one example: Allah is the creator of the deed of seeing. The factory of eye belongs to Him. So does the factory of light... Moreover, He is the owner of all the visible things. So, no matter what a person looks at, it is Allah Who creates the deed of seeing. If the thing he looks at is halal, this glance becomes "good", if the thing he looks at is haram, it becomes "evil".

He is the creator of both good and evil.

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