God has decreed both good and evil. How should we comprehend this?

Good: Lawful, beneficial act. Goodness.
Evil: Harmful act. Ill-doing.

God has decreed both good and evil. He Who is the One created both good and evil. However, He approves good but not evil. Moreover, what we call as good and evil is all related with the acts that are committed as if they are conformable with Gods commands and approval. That is to say, it is not about the act itself, it is about the attribute of it.

Namely talking, seeing, walking are all acts. If the act, which is committed conformable with Islam, it is good, otherwise it is evil. Anyhow, isnt it true that a person who believes in Gods Oneness also believes that He is the One and only creator of all acts?

A Human only wishes to do something and with his/her free will (limited) tries to make it real. However, God is the One Who creates the conclusion. If the truth would not be approached as this, there arises the contradiction, When the act is good, it means that it is created by God, otherwise How should we end it up the sentence?

Let us give one example. God creates the act of seeing. The factory of eye belongs to Him. Light belongs to Him. Every object that is seen belongs to Him. If that is so, whatever the thing that a person looks, seeing is created by God. If the thing that he/she looks is Halal (religiously permissible), it is good; if it is Haram (religiously prohibited), it is evil.

He is the One Who creates both good and evil.

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