If the God is goodness itself why does evil exist?

It is said that “God is goodness. Why does evil exist then? Why would God, who is eternally good, create evil? Or is there someone else, like the devil?

The statement “God is goodness” is a term peculiar to Christian theology in general.

The Quran states the following about Allah: "To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names.”  We know Him through His names.

Yes, all His names are endlessly beautiful but because of His wisdom, He also creates evil.

The first reason for this is that there must be evil and badness in this universe for the manifestation of some of His names.

For example, if there was no disease, there would be no healing, and the name Ash-Shafi (the Healer) would not be manifested.

If sins were not committed, there would be neither repentance nor forgiveness. For this reason, the manifestation of the names such as at-Tawwab (the Acceptor to Repentance), al-Afuww (the Pardoner), al-Ghafur (the Forgiver) would not be possible.

If Allah had created only good and beautiful, evil and badness would not exist at all, and there would be no point in testing people.

It would not be possible to deny, to commit harams and sins. Everyone would inevitably be like an angel.

However, this is not the purpose of human's creation. Humans should be able to choose what they want through their own free will. They should be able to believe or not if they wish. They should be able to do good or evil with their free will.

Allah wants people to turn toward good deeds by their own choice. However, He creates whatever His servant wishes.

For example, you can go to the mosque with your feet or to the bar. The first is good and the second is evil. Allah creates whatever the servant chooses.

If the feet turning toward the bar were turned into stones, if the eyes looking at haram things became blind, if the people who did not pray had a stroke, people would involuntarily believe and worship. It would be impossible to understand who was diamond and who was coal.

This reality is also the answer to the question " Why does God not prevent evil?".

A teacher does not prevent the student from giving the correct answer during the exam, nor does he prevent the student from giving the wrong answer. This is how the test happens.

Some people say, "God does not create bad results" to exonerate Allah, so to speak.

Let us ask right away: "If God does not create them, then who does?"

There is shirk (ascribing a partner to Allah) in every answer to this question. However, Allah is the only god, there is no god but Him.

Since the Mutazila could not attribute the creation of evil to Allah, they say, "The servant creates his own action." They are wrong.

They ascribe flaw to the creative power. They give a share of divinity to an incapable creature, the human being.

However, the fact that our Lord creates evil alongside good is from the glory of Allah's all-encompassing infinite knowledge, will and power.

Imagine a painter that can paint beautiful objects, but he cannot paint unpleasant ones. Undoubtedly, that would be a great flaw for him.

A good painter paints a beauty like a rose and a piece of trash with the same skill. This is a sign of his dexterity.

Always remember this: Creating evil is not evil; committing evil is evil. That is, the evil is not to create evil but to commit them.

Allah does not wish or want evil, but if a servant wishes to do it, He will not prevent His servant. In short, man wishes and Allah creates.

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