What is the relationship between Allah and the world like?

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Hamdi Yazır explains the relationship between Allah and the realm as follows:

This realm was created to be a mirror to Allah.

“Allah - realm relationship is creation - creature relationship; it is not giving birth -reproduction relationship.”1 That is, Allah is the Creator and the realm is one of His creatures. It is not part of Allah. We can understand it with the example of painter and painting. The painting reflects the art of the painter. The existence of the painting shows the existence of the painter but it is not a part of the painter. A similar relationship exists between Allah and this realm.  

This realm was created to be a mirror to Allah. Mawlana states the following regarding the issue:

“What is the mirror of existence? It is non-existence. Existence is seen only in non-existence. As a matter of fact, the rich give food, etc. to the poor.”2

A doctor shows his skill on those who need treatment. A tailor shapes shapeless fabrics. A carpenter turns timber to furniture. The non-existence and deficiency in all of them made them a mirror to Allah’s art.3

Likewise, the mirror of Allah, who has a thousand and one names, is the realm of non-existence. He has created the world and shows His embroidery on it. And His creation of the world is through the command ‘Be!’

1.Yazır, I, 479
2.Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi, Mathnawi, V, 1482.
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