What does Allah’s being Everlasting mean?

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7.1.2-Allah is the everlasting one

Allah is pre-eternal and everlasting. Post-eternity is the attribute of not having an ending. The being that has an ending is called “fani” (ephemeral); the being that has no ending is called “baqi” (everlasting).

Almighty Allah has the attribute of Baqa because He is eternal, prevailing and there is no end to its existence. His non-existence is unthinkable. All beings that came into being later were created by the power of Allah. They will also disappear with the power of Allah and will be resurrected again; they may undergo thousands of changes. However, Almighty Allah is everlasting; He is far from change and non-existence. For, He is not the work of another being; therefore, he will not go to non-existence or undergo change with the power of that being. On the contrary, all beings are works of His power. Everything is bound to go to non-existence but the existence of Allah, who is magnificent and generous, is permanent and everlasting. Thus, a being that undergoes change cannot be a deity. Unchangeability  is one of  the most important characteristics of the true creator.

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