FAQ in the category of Creation through the Language of Sciences

1 What is the definition of man according to the Western philosophy?

Definition of Man According to Western Philosophy

Plato describes man as follows:

Man is a featherless biped (a creature with two legs)”.

Diogenes stated that this definition of Plato’s does not represent man; he plucked a rooster, showed it to people and said, “That is the human being Plato describes”.

Aristotle describes man as follows:

“Man is a speaking animal”.

This description is far from showing the nature of man, his loftiness and the wisdom in his creation.

Darwin claimed that man was an animal that came into being by evolving from ape-like animals by chance.

As it can be seen, the philosophers who were not members of a true religion defined man as a featherless biped or a speaking animal.

The education system developed by the Western philosophy based on the definitions above was not in compliance with the natural structure of man; it did not address his certain feelings, emotions and thoughts, especially his desire for eternal life, and distanced him from ethical and human values. Consequently, it led the majority of humanity to oppression, contumacy, transgression, struggle, fight, conflict, and games and entertainment to satisfy the unending desires of his soul.

2 What are the principles of the education system in the Western civilization?

The Principles of the Education System of the Western Civilization

The education system of the Western civilization is based on the following five principles.

1- It accepts force/power as the point of support. It is based on the principle “The powerful is right”. However, the mark of force/power is aggression.

2-It takes as its aim benefits. Since the benefits are insufficient to meet all needs, conflict starts.

3- According to the Western civilization, life is a struggle. The mark of this struggle is collision.

4- It considers the bonds among the individuals of society as racialism and negative nationalism. The mark of this negative nationalism and racialism is aggression since it is based on feeding by swallowing others.

5- The purpose of this civilization is games and entertainments to satisfy the desires of the soul and to increase the needs of humanity.

By adopting those principles as a life style, the Western civilization provided only twenty percent of humanity with a kind of temporary bliss with its good aspects but dragged eighty percent to discomfort and misery.