Why do those who go to Hell become black?

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Why do those who go to Hell become black?

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The fact that the faces of those who go to Hell become black indicates that they are the black sheep of humanity.

- Their faces turn black as a sign of denying the messengers of Allah and being liars. As a matter of fact, when the Prophet (pbuh) encountered the polytheists for the first time at the Battle of Badr, he said to them, “Shahatil-wujuh! = May your faces be black!”, indicating that they were the real liars since they denied the truth.

- It is significant in terms of the harmony of a place and its residents that the faces of those who enter Hell, which is a dark place, darken.

- The nature of unbelief is non-existence. Non-existence is dark. An unbeliever has darkness in him since he has the element of unbelief in him. That darkness, which is hidden in the world due to the necessity of testing, will appear fully on the Day of Judgment and it will be reflected to their faces from their hearts.

- “Allah is the Protector of those who have faith: from the depths of darkness He will lead them forth into light…”(al-Baqara, 2/257) As it is stated in the verse above, believers who attain the consent of Allah will attain a light that is in compliance with the brightness of Paradise. When they go to Paradise, which is a luminous place, they will be filled with luminous light just as their minds, hearts and feelings are filled with luminous light in the world with the consciousness of belief. As for unbelievers, they will be painted with the paint of Hell, which is a dark place, when they go to Hell just as they fall into the darkness of unbelief in the world. May Allah save all of us from Hell!

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