What is the importance of Belief in Allah?

The principle of belief in Allah is like the foundation of a building or the roots of a tree.A building does not exist without a foundation and a tree does not exist without roots; similarly, the other principles of belief cannot exist without belief in Allah. For, all of the branches of belief form and grow based on the principle of belief in Allah. 

For instance, a person who does not believe in Allah will never believe in qadar (destiny), which is a title of Allah’s knowledge. It is not possible to believe in the hereafter directly without believing in Allah, who will create the hereafter. It is possible to give more examples. All of the branches of belief are based on the principle of belief in Allah.  

Belief and guidance (hidayah) is a light sent down to the heart by Allah after a person accepts belief and guidance through his will. Thanks to this luminous light, man reads all of the decorations of Allah's names and attributes manifest on all realms. Thanks to this light, he discovers the secrets of the universe. In a dark cellar, darkness disappears and things become visible when the lights are turned off; similarly, this light of belief and guidance emerging after man uses his will when he is in the darkness of unbelief and deviation illuminates the whole realm and the universe. What illuminates the realms, enlightens the universe and decodes the secret of everything is belief and guidance; the real doer that makes belief and guidance reach the heart is Allah.

What is meant by the statement 'belief is luminous light' is to be able to see Allah's names and attributes behind every incident and to be able to read the real and divine aspect of every incident.

For instance, death is a great incident for man. If we view death as the luminous light of belief, death will be the beginning of an eternal realm and a transition point, not non-existence. If we view it through the dark glasses of unbelief, death is a terrible and painful incident that separates man from his beloved ones eternally and that throws him into the pitch of non-existence. This luminous viewing of belief shows the real and bright face of all incidents. This is what is meant by the statement 'belief is luminous light' and that it is meaningful. There are so many incidents like death that man cannot understand through his mind.

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