It is religiously permissible to draw interest in Dar-ul Harb. How should Muslims who live in those lands act?

If a believer resides in Dar-ul Harb, meaning a land ruled by infidels (non-Muslims) that might, through the war become the state of war, has a withhold from his wage or has to deposit some money into a bank account can get interest out of that money. For, not getting the interest would mean to strengthen his enemy.

Since, getting interest in Dar-ul Harb is jaiz (religiously permissible), and the wisdom of it is strengthening the enemy, should not we think as:

If I keep my money in a bank in this land of blasphemy without being compelled, so I would support them financially. Therefore, drawing insignificant amount of interest would not change the consequence.

The Muslim capital in Western banks, which could not have been transformed to investment, has a great share in the desolate situation of Islamic world today.

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