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i m a property investor in uk. i use bank money to buy property as my business. as the property price goes up, i remortgage the property with another bank and take out my prophit margin from the bank without selling the property. now i want go to hajj with this money is it ok?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

According to the three sects (Shafi, Hanefi and Maliki sects) performing hajj (pilgrimage) duty with ill-gotten gains is acceptable, but its merit will be less and s/he will be sinful. But according to Hanbali sect, one can not perform hajj duty with ill-gotten gains.

But, in a hadith passes in the books of the Islamic Canonical Law, the Prophet (PBUH) clearly states that Muslims in non-Muslim countries may receive interest. Muslims need to receive both the capital and the interest given as a result of this money.

Here is a known truth that a Muslim cannot receive interest from another Muslim even in a non-Muslim country.


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