Mortgages, halal or haram?

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I live in the Netherlands were there is no possibility to loan money without paying interest. At this moment I’m living in a small rented house and there is no real possibility to rent a bigger house for a reasonable price. I must say that I know that the vast majority of the theologian not living in Europe are totally against borrowing money and paying interest here for.There are some type of mortgages that come close in financing in Islamic way but they’re still based on interest.
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Is it religiously allowed to buy a house with the mortgage system?

Mortgage is essentially used to mean immovable financing system. Financing company buys an immovable property that the customer demands on behalf of the customer for cash and transfers the ownership to the customer. But the property is mortgaged to the financing company for the customer’s debt to the company.  The customer pays the debt in monthly payments according to a payment plan until the due date.

If the system that a country or company use is that, it is okay and religiously allowed. But if it lets credit be used and uses interest it is not allowed.

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