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Bismi Allahi rahmani rahim Dear brother/sister I want to know if we can compare time in this world with time in the hereafter. I ask you this question because a brother told me about a soura in the holy koran (Don't know exactly wich one) that says: in the hereafter you can compare half a day with a 1000 wordly years. So if that is true we can compare time in the hereafter with a mathematicalfactor? That I could hardly believe! should't we understand that part in another way? S.W.A.
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Dear Brother / Sister,

In a verse it is said that our one day is like your one thousand years (Hajj/The Pilgrimage 47, Sajdah/The Adoration 5), in another verse it is said that our one day is like your fifty thousand years (Ma’arij/ The Ways Of Ascent 4). Can you explain this time difference?
Yet they ask you to hasten on the Punishment! But Allah will not fail in His Promise. Verily a Day in the sight of your Lord is like a thousand years of your reckoning. (Hajj/The Pilgrimage 47)
In this verse it is told that unbelievers wanted Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to bring on the torment that they are threatened with quickly. As can be understood from the verse Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) warned the unbelievers that they will suffer torment if they do not believe. And since they didn’t believe in him they were making fun of him and saying “Where is the torment you are talking about, why does not it come; here we deny you. If you are a prophet do bring on us that torment you threaten us with!”
In the second sentence of the verse it is told that Allah (swt) will not give up his promise and a day in his presence is like one thousand years with humans’ calculation. What is understood from this is: Time given to the humans seems them as if it is long. Their not having the pain at once deceives them. They think that they will never have pain, they will get away with what they did, and always live in comfort. However it is a trial period given to them by Allah. Even it seems long to them, it is short for Allah and passes quickly. Human life is short. A day in His presence seems like a thousand years long to the humans. Commentators say about the last sentence that the pain they will have seems like one thousand years to them because of its severity.
In this verse, relativity of the time is expressed. Time runs differently in every universe. For instance one day of grave life is not same with the one day of the Judgment area. Moreover, even in this universe there are different times in different planets. And this show that time can change.
How will be the time for a dead person? Can you give information about the time in Heaven and Hell?
There is a time concept in the grave life and afterlife but it may run differently. Time runs differently in the earth and in the space. One year for our world is only a little time period for the sun. Also one day for us means a lifetime for some creatures.
Time concept is different in grave and afterlife. For instance a moment of the heaven may be equal to the thousands of years of our world. Also in the grave life time varies from person to person too. One thousand years seems like a moment to the ones who are in boon, and a moment seems like one thousand years to the ones who are in torment.
Time runs different for different people. Sometimes in a dream lasting for a couple of minutes we may feel like days, months or years passed away. And sometimes we can not understand how the night passes as if we went to the bed just now.
Like this, a person getting into the grave early may feel like he has just got into it when he wakes up for the afterlife. And some other one may feel like he stayed there for thousands of years because he was in pain, whereas he stays only for a couple of years.
Therefore going to the grave early or late is not important because the time being felt there varies from person to person according to his good and bad deeds. Allah can create a feeling like he is in sleep and dream for the person.
Actually it requires living them to understand and explain the heaven and the hell. Evaluating their conditions by comparing with this world is like explaining this world to the baby in the womb. Just as the baby in the womb can not understand this world, we also being in the womb of this world can not understand the heaven.

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