What is the reason why Muslims suffer? Why are all of the people who are oppressed in the world Muslims? Why are the Muslims in the countries like Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq and Chechnya in agony?

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What is the reason why Muslims suffer? Why are all of the people who are oppressed in the world Muslims? Why are the Muslims in the countries like Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq and Chechnya in agony?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Like in the past, happiness and wealth are frequently confused today. And this wrong view will probably exist in the future.

Some think that wealth, luxury, position and title are same as happiness. However, they see many people around who have everything and can taste every worldly pleasure, but are still unhappy. Some cannot get on well with their partner. Some complains about their sons’ naughtiness. Some seek cure for a deadly disease of their mother. Some have a lot of receivables in the market but cannot get them. Some have problems with their company partners.

Thousands of problems like these tell man continuously that this world is a not a place of comfort.

The following is stated in the Quran:

“Every soul must taste of death and We try you by evil and good by way of probation; and to Us you shall be brought back.” (al-Anbiya/the Prophets, 35)

Accordingly, this world is place of exam.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) defines the world as “arable field of the afterlife” in a hadith (saying or tradition of the Prophet Muhammad).

This world was not created as a place of comfort but as a place of testing and the field of the hereafter. In this place of testing, all human beings make efforts and sweat all the time. They cultivate their field every day for the hereafter and become very tired at the end of the day.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says:

“There is no comfort/ease in this world.”

How is it possible to find comfort in this strange world where night and day run one after the other, disease and health check us in turns, difficulty and ease surround us one after the other, turmoil and peace dominate our spirit in turns.

There is no comfort in the world, but there is happiness for the believer. If one tastes the faith in this world and follows the way of good deeds, he makes use of every good and bad incident of this life for the sake of his afterlife. And the most importantly, he does not bother himself because he knows there is no comfort in this world.

Here is a formula of happiness from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh):

“Be like a poor man or a traveler in this world.”

Our attention is drawn to two sources of happiness in this hadith and we are given two recipes of happiness:

The first recipe: To know that we are poor and strangers in this world and we came here to earn something for our real homeland, the afterlife.A person who knows himself like that does not fall in love with this mortal world and does not exaggerate the temporary problems of this world. He knows that he will leave this world one day and aims the real world of happiness.

“You are a guest here and will go to another place from here. A guest does not give his heart to something that he cannot take away with him.” (Mesnevî-i Nuriye)

The second recipe: To know that we are travelers and live accordingly. Such a person only wants to reach his destination; it does not matter very much whether he sits on the front or back seats on the bus. Sometimes, we read on a newspaper: A murderer was caught in a foreign country and brought back with an airplane. How can travelling on a luxury plane make this man happy? However, a small merchant becomes happy when he goes to a big city to buy and sell goods even if he travels on the back seat of a little bus. For, he knows that the end of this travel he will buy goods and be rich after these troubles.

On the other hand, And if man does not seek the facilities of his home when he is on the bus, he does not feel uncomfortable on that travel. Otherwise, he makes himself unhappy. In the Risale i Nur Collection, there are many precious recipes of happiness. Let us present three of them here:

“The one who forms a relation with the Pre-Eternal Monarch through belief and obeys Him through good works will pass with the speed of lightning or of Buraq through the stages of this guest-house of the world, the spheres of the intermediate realm and the world of resurrection and the extensive frontiers of all the realms that are beyond the grave, until he attainseternal happiness.” (Sözler/The Words)

When a person submits himself to his Lord, he gets the taste of not being ownerless and unprotected. He says “I have a Creator who created me in the best way, placing my every organ in the best place, organizing my spiritual world in the best way, running my every sense for a different task. My blood circulation and this world’s turning are all with His power and knowledge. So I am not alone, abandoned, or ownerless.”

The happiness and calmness of being a creation and artwork of Allah cannot be compared any other worldly pleasure.

A chain of happiness starting from belief reaching the happiness in two worlds:

“Belief necessitates affirmation of Divine unity, affirmation of Divine unity necessitates submission to Allah, submission to Allah necessitates reliance on Allah, and reliance on Allah necessarily leads to happiness in thisworld and the next .” (Sözler/The Words)

Happiness in both worlds is possible with reliance to Allah. A believer performs the necessities of whatever he wants for this life and afterlife and then finds peace by relying on Allah since he knows that “Every good result comes from Allah”.

Tawakkul means to know Allah as a trustee. It is a consciousness that originates from belief and a result of surrendering. Those who surrender to Allah trust in Him. Surrendering originates from oneness. A Person who knows that there is no real does except Allah, the everything belongs to Him and that everything is under His control will definitely surrender to Him.

Another recipe of happiness is as follows:

“The mark of reining in and tethering the soul and leaving the spirit free and urging it towards perfections is ‘happiness in this world and the next’.” (Sözler/The Words)

In this sentence, the happiness in this world and the next are based on two things: The first one is controlling and restraining the soul, and the second one is developing our spirit.

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Some circles claim that today’s wretched state of the Muslim World has been occasioned by the religion of Islam and therefore they stand against the religion. How should we respond to them?

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