What does the satisfaction of the heart mean? How does the heart become satisfied?

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What does the satisfaction of the heart mean? How does the heart become satisfied?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

The heart is called “the mirror of samad”. As-Samad, that is, the One whom everybody needs and the One who does not need anybody or anything, Allah.

The only prescription for the satisfaction of the heart is as follows:

“...for, without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction." (ar-Ra’d, 13/28)

The vast heart of this weak and poor man, who needs the stomach and the food sent to it, seeing and the light ensuring it, the mind and the meaning the satisfy it, in short, so much material and spiritual food, can only be satisfied by dhikr, that is, mentioning and remembering Allah, who is the Creator and Owner of all of the creatures. Then, when man remembers anything/anybody other than Him, he will have remembered creatures; when he loves anything/anybody other than Him, he will have loved ephemeral beings. They are much lower than the heart in terms of honor and value. That lofty heart cannot be satisfied with those low things; therefore, man is always disturbed by them. Boredom, restlessness, depression stress, etc are the cries of hunger and screams of death of the heart.

The simple things of this ephemeral world cannot satisfy man, who is the fruit of the universe and traveler of Paradise.

A lofty prescription from Nur Collection:

“That is to say, belief necessitates affirmation of Divine unity, affirmation of Divine unity necessitates submission to Allah, submission to Allah necessitates reliance on Allah, and reliance on Allah necessarily leads to happiness in this world and the next.” (Sözler (Words), Yirmi Üçüncü Söz (Twenty-Third Word))

That is, the first condition of the happiness in both the world and the hereafter and the remedy for all spiritual illnesses is belief. A person who believes becomes aware that he is not without an owner and guard. This alone is the greatest bliss. A person who attains oneness attains the ease of attributing everything and every incident to Allah.

No incident can wound, no pain can hurt and no sorrow can blacken the spirit of man, who surrenders to his Lord and who is conscious of how vital it was to be entrusted to the mercy of his Lord in the uterus.

Finally, man, who attains the spirit of "tawakkul (reliance on Allah)" useshis partial free will, which is a special grant of his Lord to him, on behalf of Him and based on His consent, relies on Him and shows consent to all of the predestination of Him. Happiness in both worlds, that is, happiness in the world and the hereafter depends of these four principles.

Stress is the sad ending of those who seek peace and ease outside this circle.

Two views: On the one hand, murderers of faith, enemies of chastity, in brief, evil groups, who work continuously in order to destroy man; pubs that market poison, gambling houses that have dirty air, fashion groups that are enemies of modesty, novels and stories that seduce young minds, obscene images and scenes that gnaw at the spirit by invading screens, bad news that harms the heart by giving hopelessness, fights that never end, murders, traffic accidents, slanders, casting aspersions, lies and backbiting.

On the other hand, ruined families that have lost the relationship of respect and love; household expenditures that increase with extravagance due to the nuisance of tradition and keeping up with the Joneses, payments of installment that make man lose sleep.

Man, who is weak, poor and ephemeral in the presence of so many material and spiritual problems, most of which were caused by man.  

And illness, old age and death which always interpret the hadith “There is no comfort in the world.”

This scene is the clearest indication that the heart cannot be satisfied by the world and a pioneer of guidance that turns man's glance to somewhere else.

There is really no comfort in the world. For, the structure of this world of testing is not suitable for it. There cannot be comfort in a test. Since man is the fruit of this universe, there are samples, traces and shadows of elements in human body and incidents in his spiritual world.

You cannot observe a continuous spring in the world or in man's inner realm. It also has its winter, summer and fall. Its weather is not always calm. It has lightning, storms and hurricanes. You cannot always see it bright. It has darkness, shade and clouds. The crops in them are not of the same type. There are flowers, fruits and thorns.Its field is not smooth. There are mountains, cliffs and streams.

If we fully convince our heart about it, our view on incidents will change and we will get rid of groundless sorrows, excitements and pessimism to a great extent.

All of them are witnesses that there is no comfort in the world. However, we should not confuse comfort with happiness. There is no comfort in the world but there is peace and happiness. These concepts are related to the spirit, not the body. Spirit becomes peaceful and happy with belief, righteous deeds, piety and high ethics.

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