It is stated in the Quran: It is in the remembrance of and whole-hearted devotion to God that hearts find rest and contentment. What is meant here with remembrance? How does it content the heart?

In our daily speech, we often use the expressions: he has a heart of stone or he has undergone a heart surgery. We use heart in different contexts and with different meanings. The first meaning is spiritual while the second is material. In other words, one is interior; the other is exterior

Different explanations have been made about why both meanings are expressed with the same word. According to one of them, the first contact between human soul and body begins in the heart. According to another, it is metaphorical that the heart is given this name. Spiritual heart has as great a duty in the spiritual world of humans as the role the material heart plays in the body. Some people also used heart to mean soul.

The material heart is a wonderful machine that sends blood to the entire body and that pumps approximately five kilos of blood per minute. This heart is in need of the entire Universe. Blood must be produced in the factory of Universe so that the heart can pump it to every part of the body. The power which strained the human out of the Universe and which converts foods in the human factory into flesh, bone, blood, and marrow causes this heart to work and sends this blood to every part of the body.

The exterior of the heart certainly needs the whole Universe. And with this state of its, the heart is mirror for the reflections of Gods name As-Samad-the Self Sufficient, the Eternally Besought One. God alone who meets the needs of all the needy and who needs nothing satisfies the material hearts need of the Universe and the things in it with the manifestation of His name; As-Samad. In this respect, the heart is not much ahead of a tree or a flower. They also need the entire Universe. They are also mirrors to the name of As-Samad with the fulfillment of their needs.

As for the interior of the heart, it is the real mirror for the reflections of the name As-Samad The inner heart is the mirror of the Eternally Besought One.

This truth is taught by the verse: It is in the remembrance of and whole-hearted devotion to God that hearts find rest and contentment. (Ar-Rad Surah, 13:28)

Each organ in the body has its own peculiar contentment. The eye is contented with seeing and the ear with hearing. The contentment of the tongue is through flavor and that of the stomach through foods. And the biggest need of the heart is faith.

Whose creature am I? Whose property is this Universe? Whose guest am I in this world? Where will I go afterwards? What does the One who is my host demand of me? The inner heart is contented with the answers of such questions. When its wish is to know God, surely it will be the biggest mirror to the name the Eternally Besought One. Other creatures are in need of the material of this Universe. As for the human, he is in need of knowing, believing in and obeying the possessor of this Universe.

The people who do not understand this and who neglect the food of their hearts are afflicted with such diseases as unease, distress, lack of satisfaction, fear and anxiety as a punishment for this neglect beforehand.

The hunger of the stomach is not satisfied by the beauty of the garment or by the quality of the shirt; it calls only for food. And the hollowness of the heart is not filled with any rank, any social status, any compliment, or transient aim.

The Lord of the heart informs us that it is through the remembrance of God that hearts find rest and contentment.

What is remembrance?

Every event, sign and work of knowledge is each a cause for remembrance. The heart is contented only with knowing that this Universe, which is a factory, a palace and a guesthouse, is existent only with the command and will of God.

If the body is the house of the soul, then the Universe is its city. The heart loves both this house and that city. It knows both as the property of God. Believing that His sacred Names cover the entire material, it lives comfortably both in the body and in the Universe. It leaves both the body and the Universe peacefully. It well knows that neither of them are its own property. Thus, it leaves both and invokes the real possessor of both. It asks for what it will. It is not shaken by any event; is not afraid of any trouble. It well knows that ultimate power and will belong to God alone. Without His will, neither an ant can take a step, and the weather can move, nor the blood can circulate, and the sun can shine. Thus, the heart is satisfied with this faith and knowledge.

Neither the color and beauty nor the smell and flavor of the fruit we eat reach the heart. And it is not contented with any one of them. However, once the human marvels at this color, feels gratitude for this favor, and is charmed by this flavor, only then can these meanings get established in the heart. If this wonder brings about gratitude, it means that the heart has begun to take its food.

The heart is fed with the essence of this Universe and is concerned with its meaning. Its business is not with this Universe but with the divine names that manifest themselves in it. While the eye looks at the apple, the heart regards the names of God that are reflected in it, and only through such a regard can it find rest and contentment.

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