How can Allah, Who is Absolute One, know and do everything at the same time?

Representation is an important law in the universe. It is the reflection of a being with self or appearance, sometimes both together. It can also be expressed as resemblance, materialization, and appearance.

Two important elements determine the nature of representation. Being that appears and mirror that shows. In other words, in the case of representation, there are two basic factors: the ability of the being to appear and the quality of the mirror to reflect.

The simplest and the most familiar example of representation is mirrors which we always use in our daily life. If we look at a mirror, we can see ourselves in it. That our appearance is reflected on the glass in front of us is a representation. The appearance in the mirror is a true picture of ours. The same proportion exists between the appearance and the color in the mirror and its correctness.

Water is sort of mirror. Television can be a good example too. A person is reflected in millions of screens, by means of television, at different places. In addition to the quality of mirror, television also has the quality of sound.

Glass, water, and television are three mirrors whose abilities are different. These are not the only mirrors in the universe. The air and ether are another two examples functioning as mirrors. Luminous beings represent in them. Just as material beings appear with material mirrors, luminous beings appear with heavenly mirrors. Those, which are not seen by eyes, are jinns, angels, and spirits.

We can divide representing beings into three. First, the reflections of material things. Their appearances are just a vision. This vision does not reflect their nature. For example, if someone enters a room with hundred mirrors, there appear one hundred figures. But in fact, those figures are not living. They do not see, hear, speak, eat, drink etc.

Second is the reflection of material luminous beings. Let us think of one thousand men turning their mirrors to the sun. The sun will be seen in each mirror. Those appearances are not the same as the sun. But they have some qualities that the sun has. Like the real sun, the little suns in the mirrors have light, heat, and seven colors. If the sun in the sky were conscious, it could talk to us through our mirror. Different actions would not interfere with one another.

Third group, the reflection of luminous spirit beings. These appearances have the qualities of luminous beings. They are alive, they hear, speak, understand, and know. At this point, the important thing is the ability of mirrors to show. For example, the matter of ether, which is more luminous than air, is a good mirror for luminous beings.

In trustworthy hadith books, it is possible to see a number of examples of representation. For example, jinn named Khame took on bodily form of an old man, came to the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), uttered the Islamic confession of faith, and became Muslim. This event, which the Caliph Umar narrated, is a fine example to the representations of jinns.

The Archangel Gabriel came before the Prophet Muhammad in the form of a companion of His, Dihya. He asked several questions such as What is faith, What is Islam? This event, which took place in the presence of companions of Muhammad (PBUH), is a remarkable example about the representation of angels.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), too, appears at several places at the same moment, teaches scholars, and guides religious people with the law of representation. This truth has been explained in the books that were written by godly people who have been blessed by being spiritually advanced. This quality has been given to some famous religious people as well. The teachings and guidance of these people continue even if they are dead.

There are a large number of godly people who can exist at several places at the same moment with both their spirits and bodies. These are called abdal. The situation of these people is marvelous; whose bodies have gained luminousness like their souls.

The occurrence of representation is the key answer to all hows. This law tells us without leaving any doubt that how Allah (SWT) knows everything at the same time, how He creates, how He governs, how any action is not interfered with by any other, though He is One and Only. It is Him Who makes each law. It is Him Who created all jinns, angels and spirits who have been bestowed many marvels. Lights are the shades of His name of Light. He is nowhere in Person, Who is sacred and not material, but is everywhere with His names and attributes. Those who understand the mystery of representation and luminousness, even if to some extent, can see, know, and confirm these truths.

Gerçeğe Doğru (Towards the Truth) C:3, Zafer Publications

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