Do the disabled have any fault so they are created so?

Allah is the possessor of the property. He (SWT) disposes of His property as He wishes. No one can object to His actions and interfere in His creation. Allah (SWT) creates the cells of man, arranges the place of his organs, and bestows upon him a humane entity. Man has never given something to Allah, Who has given all these bounties, so that in return of which he might claim a right for anything.

If man had given something to Allah (SWT) in return of what have been given to him, he would have had a right for objection by saying, Give me two eyes, not one! or Everybody has two legs but I have only one. Injustice arises from an unreturned right. What right does man have in Allah (SWT) so that he might be inflicted injustice because it has not been satisfied?

Sometimes Allah Almighty gives many things in the hereafter as a reward of someones disability. By making him disabled, He (SWT) makes His servants feel their impotence and weakness. If He lets the feelings of His servants develop towards him, that is to say, he gives many things to him, and thus his disability looks insignificant. However, not explicitly, in reality this is the favor of Allah (SWT) for His servant.

In the same way, Allah Almighty gives paradise when someone becomes martyr for the sake of Him Some person becomes martyr in the battlefield whereby he rises to a position, which godly people long for. Others, upon seeing him, wish Allah Almighty had made it possible for them to be martyrs. Such a person loses nothing even if he is smashed into pieces for the thing he receives is far greater than his apparent loss.

Even if some people consider this situation inappropriately having vexation, resentment and with a hostile attitude towards Allah (SWT), this kind of defects has attracted the affection of Allah (SWT). The objections of some rebellious and ungrateful people in this respect are unfair and improper.

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