How should we understand the concept of justice from the Islamic point of view?

Justice means conforming to law, giving every holder of a right their dues and punishing those who are in the wrong, and treating everybody equally before law.

The opposite of justice is injustice. Injustice means having use and disposal of something that somebody else has got without his/her permission and paying no heed to any authority or law whatsoever.

It is impossible to attribute injustice to Allah Almighty. For He (SWT) has no partner in His possession. Having stated the facts, we can examine the issue of justice in Islam now

Justice has two principal bases. The first one is establishing justice and the other one is punishing wrongdoers. Establishing justice means giving every creature, every living being all necessary things in the best manner to maintain their existence. Let us give an example from ourselves: Which organ of us do we think has been misplaced or misshaped? Which one of them does objectionable things? Do we deem their number more than necessary or less? Eyes have been attached to the face, and we have two ears whereas we have only one mouth. Our feet are below, whereas our head is at the top of our body Who can object to this divine ordering?

Doesnt every tree, every animal, every flower, every molecule, every atom, and every system in the space show establishing justice as brightly as the sun? Humankind has dwelled on this manifestation of justice for a long time and advanced considerably in understanding it. All works written ranging from astronomy to biology, from medicine to geology are to some extent the interpretation of this truth

Another aspect of justice is punishing the wrongdoers; every individuals receiving the reward or punishment that s/he deserves Thus, intellect and conscience command that as man who sees that the first aspect of justice is in effect with infinite wisdom, so too he welcomes the second aspect with faith and submission. However, unfortunately, it does not happen in practice! Many men seek this manifestation pertaining to the Hereafter in this world. Are the most debates over justice not stemming from this inappropriate search anyway?

I recently read the hadith in which the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) recited the ninety-nine most beautiful names of Allah (SWT). The names coming before and after the name of Just drew my attention. The name of al-Adl (Just) was preceded by al-Basir (The All- Seeing) and al-Hakaam (The Judge); and after the name of al-Adl (Just) came al-Latif (The Kind) and al-Khabir (The All-Knowing)

I happened to think, Allah Almighty, Who is All-Seeing and Judge, certainly absolute just. He (PBUH) knows the subtlest things and grants favors to His servants from most undetectable ways and knows the inwardness of everything.

We could contemplate on the other names just in the same way: Allah, The Merciful and The Most Compassionate, doubtlessly treats His servants equitably. Allah, The Almighty, The Subduer, and The Most Powerful, certainly is the best One to enforce the justice If Allah, The Forgiver and The Concealer, punishes His servant, that means that this servant has deserved it...

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