Does the Creator judge His creatures? If He judges His creatures, Can He be the creator?

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Does the Creator judge His creatures? If He judges His creatures, Can He be the creator?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Created things are divided into classes. Soulless and willless creatures are not judged. However, those who have the ability to perform good and bad deeds will definitely be judged. One of the names of Allah (SWT) is “Al-ADL (the JUST)” He is so just that in fact He is the embodiment of justice. In every corner of the universe, the visible balances and criteria become witnesses of this justice.

Since even a system that judges the cruel ones in order to establish the justice is accepted by everyone in this world, is it possible for our Lord, who is just, not to judge and punish the rebellious and cruel ones?

If man is like “a leaf in the wind or a computer that obeys the orders it is given” and if he/she does not have an ability to decide and not responsible for what he/she has done, then what is the purpose of crime? Does a person who thinks so not apply to the court when he/she is wronged?

However, according to his/her understanding, he/she should have thought as follows:

“This man has set my house on fire, threatened my chastity, killed my child but he is excused because he is a machine, a computer and he has to perform these crimes, what else can he do? He is incapable of doing anything other than this.”

Do the wronged people really think like that?

If man were not responsible for what he had done, the words “good” and “bad” would be meaningless. There would not be any necessity to insult traitors and admire heroes because what they did would be performed without their will. However, no one claims such things. A person who has conscience knows that he will be responsible for what he does and accepts that he is not a leaf in the wind or a programmable computer.

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