Is it not a torture to restrict ones freedom?

A fish can go wherever it wants in the sea. However, its freedom is limited to the sea. It is forbidden for the fish to go out of the sea. Lands and forests are forbidden zones for it. It seems that it is forbidden for it to make friends with foxes and lions. It will live in the sea with other fishes. This restriction of freedom is not harmful for it but it is for it.


A human beings sea is halal area. Halal area is wide enough to satisfy someone. There is no need to commit haram (forbidden things) at all (Words)


One can do as he/she likes on condition that he/she does not go out of this area. However, the outside of this area is like a field of Hell for him/her.


Accordingly, we can describe freedom as such:


Freedom is the freedom of choice to prefer one of halal or haram areas and eventually, the freedom of preference to enter either Heaven or Hell.


A slave (of God) cannot be free. How could it be? A slaves freedom is not even in question. Being a slave to Allah is an advanced loyalty compared to slaves of humans. Let us think in this way in order to make our lower-self admit that we do not have an unlimited freedom for sure:


Can a human being hear with hand, smell with eye and see with ears? No.


On the other hand, can a human being memorize with mind, understand with heart and love with memory? The answer is no again.
That is to say; one has to use every organ and sense according to their functions. There is someone who put the organs in proper places in the body, who organized the souls in a way beyond our comprehension and who makes each emotion and each sense work with a specific duty.


There are two areas lying before those organs and senses: Areas of Halal and Haram. One can step on and turn his/her gaze to whichever one he/she likes. He/she can use his/her memory in whatever way he/she likes and fill his/her memory with anything.


Each of those treasures addresses human beings mind and conscience: You cannot manage us according to your will! You must evaluate the attribution of control correctly and use us according to our reasons for creation.


This freedom, this liberty and this right of choice, granted to man is unfortunately misinterpreted by many people.


Although one knows that he/she does not have the freedom of rebelling against parents, chiefs and government, how can he/she consider him/herself free to do as he/she likes against The Lord, The Creator and The Owner?


Badiuzzaman Said Nursi who is one of contemporary scholars points out to an important issue about freedom:
Some dissipated and pert people choose to be the captive of evil deeds because they do not want to be free. (Hutbe-i Şamiye: Damascus Sermon)


A person who claims to be free and have the right of acting as he/she wishes becomes the captive of his/her lower-self indeed. His/her lower-self commands him/her to do evil things and he/she obeys this command without hesitation. This captivity is a dishonorable captivity. A person who is a servant of a scholar and a person who is a servant of a burglary gang can seem to be in the same position at first sight. Both of them are under command. However, the former one is an honorable service and leads to knowledge and wisdom. The latter one is disgraceful and leads to punishment and dungeon.


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