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Is using the word create in relation to anyone else other than Allah permissible? Why?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

It is not permissible for a person to use the word "create" for himself/herself.

A human provides materials from world and builds a new work. Although, he/she says, “this is my work,” this claim of ownership is nothing other than a metaphor. It is added, as a new work of art to the (miraculous) gallery of Universe and the true ‘Artist’ of it, is God.

It is not hard to understand that soil cannot create plant, a tree cannot create fruit, and a bee cannot create honey. All of those are clueless, unaware, and unconscious beings (creations). Humans, on the other hand are creations who have geniuses and special talents. However, it is not always possible to recognize God just by looking his/her work, which is done with his/her conscious hands.

Yet when it is thought carefully, we do not fall behind to understand that human is only another agency through the creation. Because while a human is putting forth his/her work orderly he/she does not create anything, he/she does not call anything into being from non-existence. He/she only constitutes and arranges the already existed material, while he/she is doing that he/she uses the tools and the feelings that were once granted to him/her. God is the One who gives (creates) mind, heart, memory, eyes, ears, and hands. The artist who works with the tools, materials that are created by God cannot be the true owner and creator of that work of art.

Human’s role is to ‘wish’, and to use his/her willpower for the good. God, who creates a fruit through the agency of a tree, also creates work of arts with the hands of humans. If that is so, a human cannot claim as, “I created this,” just by thinking, “this was created through me” can only say, “I made this.”

Scientist and artists while discovering the Divine laws in the Universe, while inventing various tools and machines, use their special skills, geniuses that are bestowed and granted on them by God. Their sayings such as, “I found this law, I made this machine” do not mean that they are the lawmaker and the creator.

Our hearts work, our blood cleanse, cells renew themselves; billions of incidents occur in our bodies while we are unaware. How many persons are there who know the functions of the organs? Our hair falls, skin wrinkles, teeth fall out, back bends and finally our lives that we coddle on taken from us. And we cannot do anything rather than desperately watching to what’s happening to us.

How can a human be the true owner of the works, which are created through him/her, and claim, “I created it” while he/she is not even the true owner of his/her organs and feelings?

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