It is announced that human has been created weak in Quran. Can you explain it?

Human is a being that has weaknesses. Quran states this particular truth as, God wills to lighten for you (your burdens), for human has been created weak (liable to err). (4:28) this weakness shows its efficiency immediately after coming to this world. While the rest of the living things youngsters are capable of surviving on their own right from birth, human babies are only capable of walking after 1-2 years. He/she learns benefits and harms in 15-20 years. Moreover, he/she continuous to learn the laws of life throughout his/her lifetime.

Besides, human is a very sensitive being in all aspects. He cannot bear too much heat or too much cold, he cannot bear hunger and thirst A microbe can knock a human off his/her feet. A comet can make him/her fear to death. He/she thinks of past and saddens. He/she thinks of future and worries. His/her desires are infinite.

We also have humane weaknesses. These weaknesses are our habits and our characters. We can discuss them as:

1. Absence of Mind.
Human is addicted to absentmindedness. There are many examples of absentmindedness in every individuals life. Even Adam (pbuh) experienced it. A verse from Quran explains it as, Assuredly, We had made a covenant with Adam (and forbidden him to approach a tree in the Garden), but he acted forgetfully. We did not find resolve in him (at that moment). (Ta-ha Surah, 20:115) He was commanded as not to approach to that tree. But he approaches it with the tempting of Satan and both (Adam and Eve) eat the forbidden one. As a result both were brought to the world. (Baqarah Surah, 2:35-37)

The characteristic features of Adam (pbuh) also carried by humanity. The worst of the absentmindedness is ones forgetting himself, and not remembering his being existence. It is called, negligence. God make humans awake from the sleep of negligence by sending some calamities and disasters onto them. He (swt) directs them to think the purpose of creation, but many forget it again. Quran explains it, When affliction befalls (such) a person, he invokes Us (in every situation), lying down on his side or sitting or standing; but when We remove his affliction from him, he goes his way as if he had never invoked Us for an affliction that befell him (Yunus Surah, 10:12)

2. Ambitiousness and Stinginess
One of our humane misfortunes is desire of having self-possession. Quran explains this as, Surely human has been created with a restless, impatient disposition. Fretful when evil visits him; And niggardly when good visits him. (Al-Maarij Surah, 70: 19-21) The hadith, If there were two valleys of gold for the son of Adam, he would long for an-other one calls attention to one of our weaknesses. It is also possible to see this nature even in babies. It is so hard to get something from his/her hand but he/she easily gets what you give.

3. Hastiness
Human is a hasty being. He/she likes to achieve his/her goal immediately. He/she wants to taste the state of happiness in this world (which he/she would possibly taste in the hereafter if he/she would be patient). Our Lord, grant us in the world, these persons have no share in the Hereafter, whereas, this world requires patience and determination. Main cause is not state of happiness in the world but in the Hereafter. It is so nonsense to exchange the diamonds of the Hereafter with those of glass bits of the world. When it is compared with the eternal life world life is like a moment long.

However, human just because he/she does not know the Hereafter spends all his/her effort for the world. One, by saying, This life is the only one tries to achieve the tastes of it. As Quran puts it, Human is prone to be hasty. (Al-Isra Surah, 17:11)

4. To be praised
Almost everyone likes to be praised. He/she likes what he/she does. However, his/her share is so little with the things that he/she is proud of. For example, someone praises himself for his beautiful voice where if it had not given him by Allah (swt) he would have nothing to do.

Quran reminds us, Never suppose that those who rejoice in what they have thus contrived, and who love to be (famed and) praised for what they have not achieved (such being devout and pious and defenders of Gods law)- never suppose that they have saved themselves from the punishment: for them is a painful punishment. (Al-Imran Surah, 3:188)

There are two conditions pointed out in the verse, which are not acceptable (before Allah).

a. Exult in what they have brought about
b. Love to be praised for what they have not done

However, human is created not to exalt (praise) himself but to exalt (praise) Allah (swt).

5. Omission in Service
Human nature is inclined to get away from work. No one wants to be around when something has to be done. But when it is pay time and reward there are so many aspirants around. The incident, which is mentioned in the Quran, is a fine example; Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) with 1400 Companions set off for a (minor) pilgrimage campaign to Mecca. By the time, Mecca was still under the authority of unbelievers. Some of the Bedouins (dwellers of the desert) did not participate with the fear of war, instead made flimsy pretexts, and stayed behind. However, same Bedouins set forth for the campaign to Haybar during which they thought they were sure to take gains of war. God did not let them. (Al-Fath Surah, 48:11-15)

6. Lame Excusing
People who are unsatisfactory in positive fields comfort themselves with lame excuses. For some reason or other, they do not like to see their faults. Let us see the excuses of the Bedouins who did not participate in Hudaibia campaign, Our possessions and families kept us busy, so ask God for our forgiveness. (They speak with tongues that which is not their hearts) (Al-Fath Surah, 48:11)

It is said, There is no doer of the fault. Nevertheless, Not seeing the fault is bigger than the fault itself. (Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, Lemalar) if someone realizes his/her fault he would try to get rid of it.

As you see, there are a lot of weaknesses in human nature. These weaknesses on the other hand help humans in their spiritual development. Angels do not have weaknesses so there is no struggle for them. But when there is no struggle, there is no development.

The important secret of humans being superior to Angels is hidden in their weaknesses. A persons, who is innately mean, showing generosity by mending his evil-self is of course not an easy thing for him to do. A persons, whose self is fond of to be praised, saying all the praise is for Allah (swt), all good and all beauties come from Allah (swt) are not unworthy accomplishments.

These are not weaknesses, which could not be overcome, for, God burdens no soul except within its capacity (Baqarah Surah, 2:286)

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