What is the Divine will (kulli iradah) –unfailingly comes to pass and individual limited will (juzi iradah)?

The total will is a Divine will that can wish infinite things simultaneously. Individual will is the human will that can wish one thing at a time and that cannot be attached to two things at the same time.

It is said that there are one hundred trillion cells in the human body. Each cell has numerous functions. How can one explain the innumerous activities inside its body when it cannot wish two things simultaneously? Therefore, humans are not the Owner (Al-Malik) to themselves. He/she is a worshiper. His/her body is organized and managed by a Divine will (kulli iradah).

The worshipers who have escaped heedlessness think the following way: Since none of my organs and none of my cells are unattended, then I, too, am not unattended! All the things that take place inside of me do so with wisdom and are useful. Therefore, I should use my Individual will and I should not engage in activities that do not benefit in me neither in this life nor in the Hereafter. Since every cell in my body, every star in the sky and every system in the universe work with the Divine will (kulli iradah), then I, too, should use my Individual will in conformity with the Divine will (kulli iradah). I should not hinder on my worship duties and I should fully perform my worship.

Then, he/she generalizes his/her thinking: Since I cannot interfere with the interior of my body, a tree is not the owner of the factory inside of it. That workbench working so orderly is not due to that trees skill. There is a wisdom, Divine Power (qudrah) and knowledge (ilm) that programs that tree to bear apples and this tree to bear pears. In addition, like me not being aware of the red blood cells and leucocytes running inside my blood the sea is not aware of the fish swimming inside of it. The sky does not know its stars. I do not make my hair nor does the tree put its leaves on. The forests are not the skill of the mountain. The sun cannot claim its planets.

Considered collectively these infinite things taking place in the universe clearly show the Divine and absolute will.

Let us think how many different kinds of acts are committed in this world. Any moment, microscopic creatures, bacteria, red blood cells and leucocytes, bugs, birds, humans and all kinds of living creatures experience death. Their space is not left unfilled. Actually more living creatures come to this world.

Innumerous creatures fall sick but just that many creatures recover. Many climb the ladder to glory but many, also, fall to degradation.

While some eat, some are approaching hunger. All of these infinite, different, and sometimes contrary acts show the manifestation of Divine names and it is the work of the Divine will to commit them altogether.

Therefore, we can take our Individual will as a criterion and look at its inability and deficiency. We would reach the perfection of faith if we consider those infinite acts with amazement and admiration.

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