Question 46: How should the activity of God Almighty be explained to those who regard even miraculous events as normal and Allah’s commands as properties of things?

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Answer: Having knowledge in the field of science is not enough to know Allah. It is possible to know Allah through belief in Him. The condition of that belief is that the individual will use his partial free will to find and know Allah but it is not enough; Allah will grant him the light of belief. If a person is deprived of this light of belief, he cannot find and know Allah even if he knows thousands of branches of science.

It is not easy to understand Allah’s creation and activities in the universe. The difficulty of it originates from the fact that the soul compares Allah to himself and tries to compare Allah’s activities to his own activities. However, the attributes of Allah are different from the attributes of man. The soul usually tries to know Allah by comparing Hm to himself and thinking as follows: I can do up to two things at the same time with my both hands. The deity can do a little bit more work than that. However, he errs; everybody draws a model of deity in their own realm with such an understanding. Naturally, it is not possible to understand the events in the universe and especially the creation of living beings with such an understanding of deity.

We should see how Allah describes himself to us. God Almighty introduces himself as follows in the chapter of al-Ikhlas: He begets not, nor is He begotten. He created everything. All created beings are creatures; they cannot be deities. He does not need anything; everything is in need of Him. His attributes are from His essence. 

His attributes being from His essence means He cannot be a deity if those attributes are absent or limited. For example, the attribute of power is a necessity of His existence. Its meaning is as follows: A being that has limited or no power cannot be a deity. Since His power is infinite, more-less, big-small are the same for His power. That is, the manifestation of His will in removing an atom is the same as the manifestation of His will in removing the entire universe. In other words, the manifestation of His will in creating an atom is equal to the manifestation of His power and will in creating the entire universe, including Paradise and Hell. Furthermore, if God Almighty is to create this present universe infinite times more, the manifestation of His will and power will be the same as creating an atom. So, there is no difference between creating an atom and creating the infinite universe for Allah.

Allah’s dealing with things is through command and will. To understand it better, we can consider the manifestation and appearance of the sun in the mirrors. Supposing that the sun is smart and conscious, and supposing that its seven colors in its light are its seven attributes such as sight, hearing, knowledge and power, it is in contact with all plants and objects with its light. If the green color were its sight, it would see all simultaneously; if the yellow colorwere its hearing, it would hear the sounds of all plants; one would not prevent another. If the red color were its power, it would create all the plants simultaneously; one would not prevent another.

We can understand with a computer program to a certain extent that Allah does things with command and will in the universe by ordering all atoms with the command “Be”, taking them from the realm of non-existence into the realm of existence.

Suppose that there is a five hundred square meter patterned carpet program on the computer. This program is in a sense, the qadar book of the carpet. That is, the carpet will be woven according to that program. If the machine weaves one square meter per hour, 500 hours is necessary for this task. The carpet to be woven consists of threads, threads consist of molecules and molecules consist of atoms. By pressing the button of the machine connected to the computer only once, we direct the billions of atoms that will work in the five hundred square meter carpet with the command “Be”; we know what atoms will form with what patterns in five hundred hours and give that order.

The program of each flower, each tree is recorded in their seeds by Allah; the genetic structure of each animal is also recorded in the nucleus of the cell by Allah. The beings who take the command Be from Allah weave with atoms just like we weave the carpet on the page of time in line with this genetic program.

Just as a commander makes a soldier march with the command “March”, he also makes one million soldiers march with the same order. Thus, Allah’s will becomes manifest with the command Be in atoms and molecules, and whatever He wants is created.

We experienced this creation ourselves in the mother’s womb. Likewise, we observe the chicken egg in the incubator for 21 days, second by second. We observe the changes that occur within the framework of the laws of physics, chemistry and biology. However, we cannot understand how elements such as sodium, potassium and calcium are transformed into a living being because there is no direct contact with the being in command and will. The command is given and the being emerges. Since we have contact with the object in our works, the soul always compares the creator with itself, and then it cannot understand the issue.

If we want to make an apple, we cut pieces of nylon or paper and then stick them.

The deed of Allah is to say Be to elements; and they form the apple within the plan and program drawn for them. By comparing it to his own world, everybody can understand the deeds of the divine power in the universe to a certain extent.

Since our knowledge is very limited, it is not possible for us to know and understand His activities properly. These examples are given only to ease understanding.

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