Question 25: Why did Allah start creation from unicellular beings and extend creation over a period of time? What is the wisdom behind it?

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Question 25: Why did Allah start creation from unicellular beings and extend creation over a period of time? What is the wisdom behind it? If there is no evolution, that is, if human beings did not emerge from apes and if they have no connection, why do we have so many common features including the “Rh” factor?

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Answer: The shortest answer to this question is: secret of testing.

God Almighty was a secret treasure; He opened this exhibition or fair of the world to see His own art and works and to show them to other beings. He arranged and lined His various beings up in the world. He invited angels, spiritual beings, people and jinn to this exhibition.

What are the secrets of this realm? What are those beings? Why were they created? Why was man sent to this world? What is his duty here? Where will he go from here? He sent His Prophet to answer such questions, and He gave the Quran, which contains the answer to those questions, to His Prophet.

If man wants to learn the secrets of this universe and his duty in this world, he must listen to the Quran and the words of the Prophet (pbuh). That is the source of it.

Allah is the owner and possessor of everything. He does whatever He wishes and however He wishes and creates accordingly. There is no difference for Him between more and less, big and small. The manifestation of His power in creating an atom is the same as His command and will in the creation of the infinite universe because He creates everything with His command and will thanks to His infinite knowledge.

A commander makes one soldier, as well as a million soldiers, walk with the command “March”. The number of the soldiers does not matter for that command.

When Allah wants to create something, His command “Be” is enough for that being to emerge. It can be an atom or the whole universe. They are the same in the face of Allah’s power and strength.

For example, when we want to weave a 100-meter-long and a meter-wide carpet, that is 100 square meters, we load the program on the computer and place the threads on the machine. That program on the computer is, in a sense, the qadar book of the carpet. The carpet will be woven according to the principles in that book. It is enough for us to press a button or give a command such as the “Be” command for that carpet to be woven. If this carpet is woven with the speed of one meter per hour, 100 meters of it will be woven in 100 hours. As it is known, a carpet is made up of threads, threads are made up of molecules and molecules are made up of atoms. When we give one command, we actually order trillions of atoms to be used in this carpet. We also know what patterns will be printed at what time.

Likewise, the earth is like a carpet. Patterns of this carpet are plants, animals and human beings. God Almighty creates each being to be included in this earth carpet in the form of a pattern with the command “Be” He gives to atoms. How and when each being is to be created is recorded both in the knowledge of Allah and in the book of qadar. A small sample of them has been placed as a genetic program in the seeds of fruits, sperm of animals and humans, and the nuclei of the cells.

Why does Allah create beings gradually though He has the power to create everything at once?

Many reasons of it can be listed. First of all, the world is a place of testing. Therefore, as a requirement of the test, the gradual way of creation was preferred; thus, a number of cause-effect relationships were established between beings. A tree became the cause for an apple and a seed became the cause for the tree; a period of 5-6 years was determined for the fruit to emerge from the seed.

At this point, some people see the hand of power of Allah behind the apple and the seed and they know that He created those beings but others lose the test by attributing it to chance, nature, or time.

If creation had taken place at once, many causes would have disappeared; almost everyone would have believed in that creation and the creator; Abu Jahl, who had a black spirit like coal and Hz. Abubakr, who had a bright spirit like diamond, would not have been distinguished from each other.

Another important point in this gradual creation is the existence of an occupation for people. The sudden emergence of the apple would have left irrigators, workers, pesticide sprayers, pruners, and guard sun employed and idle.

Every species was created separately

Both humans and apes were created separately. There is no evolution in the sense you understand, in the form of the emergence of a living being from another living species.

That living beings have common features and that they are created from the same or similar elements is evidence that their master and creator is the same, not that they emerge from one another.

When we write something, we use the 26 letters in the alphabet; similarly, God Almighty writes the beings with the 114 elements in the universe. We write the words “ape” and “man” independently of each other. Similarly, Allah creates ape and man separately. Is God Almighty obliged to create man from ape? He makes and creates whatever and however He wishes.

Besides, are plants, animals and humans not created from a single cell, separately today? The one that creates these beings today created them separately in different shapes and structures in the past too.

Suppose that you have two flash drives of the same type and brand. All of their features are the same. Are we supposed to assume they are made from one another since their matter is the same? The difference in them is the meaning that is loaded on these flash drives; and there is a person who has knowledge, will and power who uploads these meanings on those flash drives.

Another wisdom of the similarity between the basic structures of living beings is the secret of testing. Questions are similar to one another are asked in a test. Thus, those who study and know are distinguished from those who do not know.

That is also the case with man and ape. The similarity and sameness of the basic substances in them is evidence that their master is the same. The chromosome numbers and structures of two different species may also be the same. What matters is the genetic information loaded into that chromosome and who loads it.

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