Question 66: What determines which base or nucleotide will encode which amino acid?

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Answer: What determines which base or nucleotide will encode which amino acid is the Divine. All atoms in the universe are subject to the laws of that universal and infinite knowledge and power. The formation and occurrence of all beings, the movement of atoms and their functioning in a certain place take place within the framework of the plans and programs determined by that infinite power and unlimited knowledge. For example, the whole plan and program of the fig tree is encoded inside the fig seed. Likewise, the programs of all plants are programmed in their seeds and fruits, and the plans and programs of all animals in their eggs and sperm.

In the general sense, these structures are encoded in chromosomes and hence in the DNAs that constitute the chromosomes. Those who do not accept a creator attribute this program to DNAs and call them Smart Molecules. Molecules are made up of atoms. Atoms such as carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and phosphorus have no life, intellect and knowledge. Is it possible for these lifeless and mindless atoms to come together and become smart and knowledgeable when they form molecules? Is it possible to accept such nonsense?

To understand the issue better, we can take the carpet we weave in the machine as an example.

When we want to weave a 100-square-meter carpet with various patterns on, we prepare the program of it and load it on the computer. That program is, in a sense, the qadar (predestination) book of the carpet. That is, the carpet will be woven according to the principles in that book. It is enough for us to press a button of the computer, that is, to give the command “Be” for that carpet to be woven. A carpet is made up of threads, threads are made up of molecules and molecules are made up of atoms. The structure of patterns on the carpet, their number and the size of the carpet will be according to the program. If this carpet is woven with the speed of one meter per hour, 100 meters of it will be woven in 100 hours. With one command, “Be”, we actually give an order to billions of atoms to work in that program including those that will work hours later.

Similarly, God Almighty, who has infinite knowledge, power and will, weaves all the beings that constitute the earth carpet in the spring season, as in all seasons, within the framework of certain programs with the command He gives to the atoms.

As it can be seen, which amino acid will encode which base and which shapes they will weave depend on the plan made by the Divine will. Even a single atom in the universe cannot move outside this plan.

A virus of one or a few characters to enter a file on a computer from outside can make that file inoperable. Every being in the universe is like a file. Even if only one atom is remains unattended in the universe, everything will be turned upside down and the universe factory will become inoperable.

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