Did Hz. Adam have the genes that would enable all mankind to come into being in different shapes and structures?

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- If he did, how?

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The Prophet Adam had the color, race and body characteristics of all humanity to come into being up to the Day of Judgment. It is necessary to know the genetic structure of man to understand it. In fact, the encoding of genetic structure into chromosomes and its transfer from mother and father to their offspring occur within the framework of the same laws in plants, animals and humans.

As it is known, the genetic structure of all living beings is located in large molecules called chromosomes, except for a few living beings. Each chromosome consists of two DNA molecules. Proteins, bases, sugars and phosphates constitute the structure of DNA molecules. They are based on carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur atoms. Amino acids constitute the structure of proteins. The smallest protein molecule consists of about three hundred amino acids.

The genetic characteristics of living beings are encoded in DNA molecules and gene regions. Every living being has a different chromosome number. For example, humans have 46 chromosomes. 23 of them come from the mother and 23 of them come from the father. All the characteristics possessed by human beings are encoded in the DNA that constitutes the structure of those chromosomes.

- How can it possible? How is the information of all people loaded onto 46 chromosomes?

Some technological structures and applications that have emerged recently make it easy to understand such issues. For example, information from thousands of volumes can be loaded onto a device called a flash disk. It is not possible to see that information, which is encoded in a very small area, with the naked eye from the outside. However, it can be read when it is placed in a computer. Likewise, all genetic characteristics of the fig are encoded into the fig seed. The area allocated to genetic structure in that seed is very small. Nutrients are stored in a great part of the fig seed.

There are 46 chromosomes in a normal body cell in man, but the number of chromosomes in the sperm cell from the father is reduced to half, that is, to 23. The number of chromosomes in the egg cell from the mother, the chromosome number is also reduced to half. A single cell with 46 chromosomes is formed when they unite. Man begins life with that single cell. That cell reproduces by dividing in two each time. Gradually, those cells differentiate to function in the tissues and organs in which they will operate. However, the number of chromosomes always remains the same: 46.

It is known that there are approximately twenty to twenty-five thousand gene regions in man. Each gene controls one and sometimes more than one characteristic. A change in the position of an atom in one of those 25,000 genes, for example the change of hydrogen and oxygen in the structure of a gene, causes a different characteristic to occur. The change of a hydrogen in an amino acid branch in a protein in the structure of the gene produces a different structure.

Therefore, such different combinations, i.e., different and various possibilities, cause the formation of billions of characteristics. Some argue that the genetic information found in human chromosomes can barely fit into an encyclopedia covering an area of ​​100 square meters from the ground to the moon. What should be understood from it is that there is a lot of information stored in human chromosomes.

The information recorded on the chromosomes in the Prophet Adam’s genetic structure can contain the genetic information of not only the people to come from Adam to the Day of Judgment but also billions of times more people. There is nothing in it that contradicts reason, science and logic. For example, in your eyes, there are the eye characteristics of the people to come into being from you up to the Day of Judgment. Everyone accepts it. The same thing holds true for the people before you. That is, there were the basic eye characteristics of the people to come up to the Day of Judgment in the Prophet Adam’s eyes.

It is necessary to know the following at this point: All of the genetic characteristics of humanity are considered as a gene pool. There is a combination of marriages and various characteristics in that gene pool. That is, a different variation of the two characteristics of any structure present in the mother and father may arise. There is enough space in the chromosomes for all those differences to be recorded.

In conclusion, there is an area where thousands of volumes of information can be recorded in a person’s DNA, i.e., in his chromosomes. Thus, the chromosomes of Adam, who was the first human being, were capable of containing the genetic characteristics of the people to come up to the Day of Judgment. God Almighty created him and his descendants like that.

Not all characteristics there have to be exactly the same. There are some variations, i.e., minor changes, among the main characteristics. When two characteristics come together, a structure in the middle of those two characteristics can be formed. The place to record all those differences and changes always exists in the chromosomes.

Allah is able to place the genetic information of all humanity in a small place like the tip of a pin. Man’s having difficulty in understanding it is due to the fact that he compares it to his own soul. The soul opposes as follows: “I cannot do it. So, how does a creator do it?”

However, if the soul looks at the issue from Allah’s point of view, not from its own point of view, there will be no problem because there is no difference between creating an atom and creating the whole universe for Allah. In fact, if God Almighty were to create infinite times more universes, including Paradise and Hell, He would spend as much force as He did to create an atom. There is no difference between a lot and a little, and big and small for Him. The manifestation of His names and attributes is endless. When He wants something to happen, He only wills and commands; that is all. It does not matter whether what He wills is an atom or the infinite universe...

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