Question 61: The faces and fingerprints of all people are different since their DNA’s are different. How can such diversity be possible?

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Answer: The difference in people’s face and hands is related to protein structures. That is, the variety in proteins causes these differences. Proteins are created by RNAs, and RNAs are created by DNAs. Proteins are produced from hundreds of amino acid molecules lined up side by side. The smallest protein is made up of at least 300 amino acids. Changing the junction of one of the molecules of nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen that make up the amino acid, or changing the order of one of the amino acids yields a new protein.

A protein molecule that contains 288 amino acids in its structure and is made up of 12 different amino acids has 10300 isomers. In other words, the number of 288 molecules of protein that can consist of 12 amino acids is as many as the number that will occur by placing 300 zeros after the number 10. What is more important is that only one of the so many proteins that can occur is beneficial for that living being; the others are generally harmful. Thousands of this protein will be made for that living being. The probability of the desired protein to occur each time is a probability of 10-300. Could such a thing happen by chance? Or can it be attributed to DNA or RNA molecules?

All this is the work of Allah’s infinite, vast and rich power, knowledge and will. Those who do not want to accept Allah attribute these structures, which are works of knowledge, will and power, to atoms, and hence attributing knowledge, will and power to them. They do not accept Allah, which is one, and have to accept the deities as many as the number of atoms, attributing each atom as much power, might and knowledge as one deity.

Such people cannot see the truth because the prudence,that is, the eye of the heart of them, is closed. It is necessary to say, ‘woe to their minds’.

Thus, connecting one atom to a different place in the sequence of amino acids that make up the DNAs means a new code. In fact, changing the adjacent relations of the atoms, that is, one of them moving one step forward, means a new code and meaning. Thus, a genetic structure that can encode a large number of characters occurs.

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