Question 50: Is the existence of a living cell necessary for the formation of amino acids that join the structure of a living being?

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Question 50: Is the existence of a living cell necessary for the formation of amino acids that join the structure of a living being?  How did the amino acids that joined the structure of a living being come into being without the existence of a living organism? Is the existence of other proteins necessary for the formation of proteins?

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Answer: Aliveness is not necessary for amino acid and similar chemical reactions to occur. However, the being to produce them must be alive. Only aliveness is not enough. He must have power, knowledge and will because the deeds that are done necessitate the existence of a being with infinite power, knowledge and will.

Chemical events and reactions are one thing, and vitality is something completely different. You put sodium and chlorine together and you get sodium chloride, which is table salt. If you throw it into water, it is divided into sodium and chlorine ions. These chemical reactions can be performed in a container as well as in the body.

Amino acids and DNA molecules must also be present. By means of DNA molecules, mRNA and template RNA molecules are made from amino acids. One of them is used as a template RNA molecule. The other is messenger RNA. Amino acids are carried from the cytoplasm to the ribosome in line with the code given to the mRNA. The proteins that are brought side by side in accordance with the RNA, which are placed as templates, are connected with each other with the ester bond and give the desired proteins.

It is not possible to reach a conclusion by excluding Allah and by acting upon causes, and to claim that the events happening in the universe occur by chance and by nature or by randomness. Some resist accepting Allah. When they do not accept Allah, they have to attributeas much knowledge will and power to each atom as to be attributed to a deity. They cannot settle the issue by accepting the work and denying Allah, its master and creator. If such a person tries to do this until Doomsday, he cannot make a person who has conscience and who thinks healthily accept the formation of a work without a master, because the proof of such a thing is impossible.

It is true that amino acids were combined and some protein-like structures were obtained previously. So, how do you explain the incident without accepting those who brought those amino acids together and prepared that experiment?

It is not possible to explain the formation of the Selimiye mosque by excluding Sinan, the Architect; similarly, it is impossible to explain the occurrence of all beings, from atoms to galaxies, by excluding Allah.

All biological materials such as amino acids, proteins, RNAs and DNAs are present in the body of a dead person. However, since life has come to an end in a dead person’s body, neither a protein is synthesized nor an incident related to life occurs. So, everything is based on that thing called aliveness. We do not know the nature of that aliveness. We describe only the form of some behaviors and life events.

That is the key point. The one who brought the amino acids together was a scientist; it is necessary to accept the existence of Allah, who has infinite knowledge, will and power, and who makes atoms, amino acids, and cells and then gives them life. When his existence is accepted, everything is settled.

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