Does the god of the gaps argument make sense?

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- Some atheists say, “Science is enough for everyone, and when we cannot understand something, we call it the power of God just because we cannot understand it now.” They say, “However, we can solve it somehow in the future and therefore we do not need God.”
“Because of these gaps in science, there is no need for a god in the universe.” They call this argument “God of the Gaps”...

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Dear Brother / Sister,

As it is known, there is only one correct answer to a question. The wrong answer is infinity minus one. Scientists outside the Islamic world do not have a correct understanding of God. Some scientists are atheists. They deny the creator directly. Some people draw a model of God according to their own world and believe in it. Such a belief in a deity is far from showing the truth.

The correct understanding of deity is in Islam. Allah describes Himself in the Quran as follows:

“Say: He is Allah, the One and Only; Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; And there is none like unto Him.” (see al-Ikhlas, 112/1-4)

A commander makes one soldier march with the command “March!”; he also makes a whole army march with the same command.

Allah’s management and actions in the universe are based on such commands. When He wishes to create an oxygen atom, He says “Be” and an oxygen emerges from the realm of non-existence to the realm of existence. When He wishes to create Paradise and Hell, they are brought from the unseen realm to this visible realm with the command “Be”.

Any understanding of god other than this understanding does not express the truth.

Now we can answer your question:

There are many different understandings of od in the Western scientific world. One of them is the concept of GOD OF THE GAPS.

According to this view, suppose that you have a glass of liquid in your hand. You have investigated what this liquid is and proved that it is water. According to them, this water does not need a creator. You have investigated that liquid but have not been able to reveal what it is. Then, this liquid must have a deity. In other words, according to them, if the reasons for the formation of a being and its nature are known, it does not need a creator. If it is unknown, it is the work of a creator.

They do not accept a creator because of their stubbornness. They also know that there are about 50 trillion cells in human body. Allah creates three thousand events in a cell in one second. We call it reaction. In other words, the change that occurs in a person in one second is 50 trillion x 3 thousand.

If even only one of these reactions is faulty, a person’s life will be in danger. Who does all this? It is obvious that we do not do it.

We put the morsel in our mouth. It’s up to us whether to swallow it or not. After we swallow it, we have no say in anything. We do not have enough strength. Allah separates those foods and sends them to the head, to the tooth, to wherever necessary.

Even though they know these things, they ignore these acts of Allah because of their pride and arrogance.

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