Question 55: I do not believe in Islam. If there is an order in the universe arising from chaos and if Allah created the order, who created chaos?

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Question 55: I do not believe in Islam. If there is an order in the universe arising from chaos and if Allah created the order, who created chaos? There is brutality in nature. Animals eat each other, people eat animals. Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) is in accordance with nature but against humanity. I cannot think of a God who turns a blind eye to injustice, causes injustice in the world and rewards and punishes people later. A merciful God does not make His creatures suffer. There cannot be a merciless God. The world is cruel; therefore, there is no God.

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Answer: It is claimed in this long question that there is a so-called irregularity, chaos and mercilessness in the universe and hence there is no creator. Anyone who thinks reasonably and logically must accept the existence of a creator because if there is a work, there must be a master. Those who associate partners with Allah accept the existence of Allah, but they make a mistake in the attributes of the creator, that is, His strength, power and the vastness of His knowledge.

There are three sources describing that Allah’s existence and oneness, and that everything, from atoms to galaxies, occur with His knowledge and will. One of them is the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).The second one is the Quran. The third one is the book of the universe. He who can read this book knows the existence and oneness of Allah from it and knows Him. Man is like a letter in the book of the universe. Therefore, a person who looks carefully at his own existence and creation understands the existence and oneness of Allah. As a matter of fact, the Prophet (pbuh) states the following in a hadith, “He who knows his soul knows Allah.”

Is there not a master (tailor) of the clothes that the person who asks this question is wearing? You cannot persuade even a child who does not go to school that those clothes occurred without a master (tailor/doer). Just as those clothes have a master so too does the body have a master. That master is Allah. Whoever put the eyes on the body also created the sun to give the light necessary for those eyes to see. Whoever gave you the stomach also created the plants and animals as the sustenance of that stomach. Whoever made and put the lungs into your body also created the air necessary for you to live.

There are about one hundred trillion cells in man. Three thousand different reactions occur in a cell in a second. Since there are one hundred trillion cells in man, the change in the human body in one second is equal to three thousand X one hundred trillion.

O the person who claims that there is chaos in the universe! If even only one of the so many events that occur in one second in your body does not occur, or if it happens in a wrong way, your life will end in a moment. Give an answer now: Who realizes the three thousand different chemical events in a second in a cell that is like a tiny pot? Who manages the billions of chemical events that happen in one second throughout the body? These events continue when you are asleep too. Even if you are awake, you know that you cannot intervene in the least in these events in your body. What other mercy do you want?

After swallowing the food that you put in your mouth, you have no effect on it. Can you arrange where, when and how much of the food that enters your stomach will go? Although man is the most intelligent and conscious being in the world, it is clear that he does not do all this. So, who does these things in your body all the time? A sparrow in the air? A frog in the swamp? A fish in the sea? The sun or the moon in the air?

Where is chaos in your body? Do you not like the location of your stomach? Or do you want one of your eyes to be on top of your head and one on your forehead? If you are not satisfied with the shape of your ears, what animal’s ears do you want? There is no abnormality and confusion in your body and in the whole universe. There is no mess or chaos there at all. Those confusions are in your mind and realm. In fact, there is no such confusion and chaos.

The existence of Allah is as necessary and as certain as the existence of the universe. It is astonishing that a person who sees the science and scientists behind today’s spacecraft and knows the difficulty of keeping them constantly in space cannot see the one that created the system called the universe, which is made up of countless celestial bodies with different sizes and speeds, and maintains it.

It is the mercy of Allah that makes non-living beings help living beings, plants help animals, and the entire universe help man; and it is a proof showing that He loves especially man.

The science of ecology cannot show any unnecessary and useless living beings. On the contrary, it states that every living being in the system fulfills important tasks. There are many wisdoms behind the death of a living being and its being a sustenance to another living being; and the system continues based on those fine balances.

An example in ecology books: They removed otters from a stream because they ate the fish there. It was observed that the fish populations in that stream soon collapsed. The research showed that otters ate diseased fish, prevented epidemic diseases and enabled healthier fish populations. The fish populations were restored in the river after otters were put in the stream. Similar examples are often seen in ecology books. We understand from it that the system was fortunately not built based on human desires. As a matter of fact, there is confusion and irregularity in everything that is intervened by man.

God Almighty could have created you as a stone, tree or any animal. You should thank Allah creating you as a human being. What would be missing if Allah had not created you? Would the sun not rise? Would plants be dehydrated? Who would have prevented it if He had created you as a cat or a mouse? No being has the right to choose at this point. God Almighty creates whatever He wants in the way and type He wants and sends it to this world for a short time.

The Quran tells us that every being in the kingdom of plants and animals, except human beings, is pleased with their own life and praises and thanks their creator.

Why do those who cannot accept the number of animals slaughtered in Eid al-Adha (Sacrifice Festival)in terms of mercy not take into account that the number of animals slaughtered in a few days for meat is more than those slaughtered in Eid al-Adha? Is it not necessary for those who bring forward this claim to show that they are sincere in their thoughts by not eating meat at all?

The Quran declares that the Mercy of Allah is very vast and that one percent of this mercy was distributed to all the creatures to come up to the Day of Judgment. The one percent includes all plants, animals and humans; you can understand your share out of it. With the little mercy given to you, you dare to claim that God Almighty is merciless. It means you do not know your place. Know your place. Otherwise, the angels of Hell will make you know your place in the Hereafter.

Man was created as the fruit of this tree of universe Everything that exists in it works directly or indirectly for man. Unlike animals, man was given an important faculty like the mind that could recognize the creator; and it was made obligatory for him to know his Lord. After such ranks and positions, man dares to disobey Lord. The result of this great ungratefulness will of course be punishment.

The main problems of those who regard the universe to be meaningless and in chaos originate from the fact that they cannot answer the following questions:

What is man? Why was he sent to this universe? Where will he go from here? What is the reality of death? Why does man die? Those questions and similar ones have always been asked. The Quran gave the most comprehensive answer to them. Therefore, it is necessary to refer to Islamic sources regarding the issue. The most detailed one of them is the Risale-i Nur collection.

Man was sent to this world for a very short time, not to remain permanently. To put it briefly, man was created with a great ability and talent. The occurrence of those abilities is possible only through testing. Hz. Abubakr and Abu Jahl are separated from each other with this test.

Therefore, man will be tested with poverty, wealth, sickness and misfortunes, whether he behaves fairly or not, knows God or not, and worships him or not in this world; he will be sent to the eternal realm after he receives a degree accordingly.

Those who do not take them into consideration and who think that human beings were sent to this world to remain eternally, who do not know Allah and do not know the hereafter see everything in chaos and live in Hell while they are still in the world.

Look at the mercy of Allah! Although you deny Him, He fulfills all your needs and maintains your life.

Belief in Allah is a light that and it illuminates both the inner and outer world of man as well as the hereafter. We have nothing to say those who are deprived of this light, but to wish guidance for them from Allah.

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