Al-Alim (The All-Knowing)

It means the one who knows. Allah is alim. His knowledge is pre-eternal and post-eternal; it embracess the whole universe and everything. Nothing can remain out of His knowledge. It is not possible for objects on the face of the earth to be hidden from the sun without any barrier; similarly, it is not possible for things to be hidden in the face of the light of the All-Knowing One of Glory's knowledge. This is because they are within the compass of His witnessing; He penetrates into all things.

Our Prophet (pbuh) describes Allah with His attribute ilm (knowledge) as follows: O knower of ghayb (the unseen, the unknown)!

O He whose knowledge embraces all things! O Knower of things secret and hidden! O He whose knowledge embraces everything in the past and future! O He who knows the weight of mountains, the dimensions of seas, the number of water drops, the number of the leaves of the trees, everything that the night covers and that the day illuminates! Now, we will mention some of the proofs of Allah’s knowledge:

1- To give all living beings the sustenance that they need appropriately, at a suitable time and from an unexpected place can take place only through knowledge that embraces everything. For, the one that sends sustenance needs to know the ones who need sustenance, when they need it and to meet their needs; after that, he can give their sustenance properly. For instance, the one who feeds young animals with milk and who helps the plants of the earth that need water knows those young animals and their needs, sees those plants, knows that they need rain and then sends them what they need. Then, every creature whose sustenance is given perfectly witnesses Allah Almighty's attribute of knowledge.

2- To give things orderly and wise shapes separately is possible only through all-embracing knowledge.Let us have a look at the camel, one of the numerous examples of the issue:

A camel’s hump is like a reservoir. For days, the camel can manage with this sustenance, and it can live without water for three weeks.

Its feet are wide and the camel can run in the sand without sinking.

The lashes on its eyes are like a net, and even in the severest conditions, its eyes will not be filled with sand.

The camel’s nose was created in such a way that the camel can still breathe easily even in the most frightening storms.

Its top lip is cleft and it allows the camel to eat thorny desert plants.

Its long neck enables the camel to eat leaves three meters above the ground.

Its knees are covered by calluses having been formed from skin that is as thick and hard as a horn. When the camel lies down, the calluses protect the animal from the ground’s extreme heat and from injury.

Thanks to its thick fur, the camel is able to endure summer temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius and winter colds that are  - 50 degrees Celsius.  In addition to these characteristics, there are several others.

While we can think of numerous shapes and possibilities for the body of the camel, to give it the best appearance and shape for the continuation of its life proves the knowledge of a being that knows everything.

For instance, if the camel was to have the legs of a horse in addition to all of its present characteristics, it would not be able to travel even one kilometer in the desert.Then, would any of the camel’s other characteristics have any importance? Or, if the camel‘s eyes did not have nets, it would not be able to take even a single step in a storm. And if its lips were not cleft, it would not be able feed.

As it is seen, the camel was given the wisest properties. To give it the best appearance, perfect body and the most appropriate attributes among numerous possibilities can be possible only through all-embracing knowledge. 

Now, compare elephants, fish, birds, insects and other creatures with camels and meditate on the endless knowledge of Allah a bit. 

3- The creation of the creatures and the ease in their creation indicate unlimited knowledge. For, the ease in a job is proportionate to the level and proficiency of knowledge. The more one knows, the easier he does things. Now, let us have a look at the creation of the creatures. They are created so easily, quickly, faultlessly and without being confused but in a miraculous way. That is, there is a being that has endless knowledge; so, they are created easily. For instance, 4 humans are created in a second and about 350.000 humans are created in a day. Each of them is equipped with tens of organs like eyes, ear and tongue. In the same second that a human is created, unlimited number of individuals from microbes, bacteria, ants, flies and insects to birds, fish and other living things are created. In fact, things that are created suddenly and out of simple material need to be simple and artless; however, we see that every creature is created with beautiful art, adornments and in a perfect way. This creation shows us the perfection of Allah’s name alim.

4- The proportion and balance in the universe point to Allah’s name alim. For, creating proportionately and in a balanced way can only be possible through knowledge. Now, let us leave the creatures aside and have a look at man, and see how delicate the balance is:

There are about sixty elements in our bodies. Our bodies contain specific amounts of iron, magnesium, chromium, and other such elements. A cause for disease develops when there is too much or too little of these elements in our bodies. For example, copper has a blood-producing characteristic. When there is too little of it, nervous system diseases will occur.  Manganese operates the functions of the brain and a lack of it causes” behavior disorders.

The duty of cadmium is to regulate blood pressure and to ensure it to operate smoothly; however, too much or too little of it can cause disturbances in blood pressure. The accumulation of elements in any part of the body produces hormonal deficiencies. This balance and delicate system is possible only through the manifestation of all-embracing knowledge. Only an insane person can deny this all-embracing knowledge after seeing this balance.

5- The fact of preservation in the universe shows endless knowledge.We look at this realm and see that everything, whether big or small, low or high, wet or dry, in the sky or on the earth, on land or at sea, is preserved in a perfect system.

Plants are preserved in seeds, trees in stones, animals in eggs and water droplets called sperms. The shapes and programs of all of the flowery and fruity beings of the spring are recorded and kept in small seeds and are created again in the next spring. The life story of man is preserved in his memory and all of his properties are kept in his DNAs. 

Such careful preservation can only be possible through endless knowledge; otherwise, it is impossible. That is, all seeds, stones, sperms, memories and DNAs point to the knowledge of Allah Almighty with the knowledge and programs preserved in them. We refer these proofs to the Risale-i Nur collection of Bediüzzaman Said Nursi and regard the five proofs we have mentioned sufficient. 

Since the owner of this universe has such knowledge, He definitely sees humans and their deeds; He knows what they deserve. He treats and will treat them based on His wisdom and mercy. O man! Pull yourself together and be careful! Know what kind of a Being knows and sees you! Be aware of it and come to your senses!

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