Is Life a Struggle?

Is life a struggle or some sort of solidarity?

Life is a phenomenon in which big fishes eat smaller ones, and again in which smaller fishes run away from being food. Lions chase antelopes, and antelopes run as fast as they cannot to be food for lions.

There are some events of this sort on earth. Every living being is trying to protect their lives, which they can have for some short period of time. Creatures strive to survive. People, who have forgotten One God and deified his own self and sacrificed everything for the sake of his own satisfaction, call it struggle.

In fact, this very struggle incorporates some solidarity. One example of this solidarity is shown in that predators pick their preys among the old, sick or weak. A healthy antelope has been given speed not to fall prey to a lion. Among one million eggs that a fish lays a year, only the weaker and sick ones are eaten by larger fishes. Thus, the hunting animals by hunting them protect the species from dangers such as an epidemic etc. This assertion is clear from the fact that both predators and preys continue their existence on earth, and even preys are always larger than predators in number.

What we only need to do is to look at the world as a whole and figure out the pieces within this wholeness. The universe informs us of the existence of a Creator and tells us that the Creator has created the universe for a very significant purpose. What people of denial and heedlessness understand as struggle is not actually struggle, it is solidarity. However, there is struggle in the universe, but a struggle as mentioned. Those speaking of struggle are right in determining the existence of struggle, but for they have lost the true address of struggle, the evil self and devil divert them to the false addresses of struggle.

The mutual assistance and co-operation of beings in the universe and the fact that they respond to one another show that all creatures are raised by a single Nurturer, are organized by a single Director, are under the jurisdiction of a single Disposer, and are the servants of a single Lord. For through an all-embracing law of mutual assistance, the sun cooks the necessities for the lives of living beings on the earth through a dominical command, and the moon acts as a calendar, and light, air, water, and sustenance hasten to the assistance of living beings, and plants hasten to the assistance of animals, and animals hasten to the assistance of human beings, and the members of the body hasten to assist one another, and particles of food even hasten to the assistance of the cells of the body. This most wise and generous mutual assistance of these beings, and their responding to one anothers needs and their supporting and strengthening one another in accordance with a law of generosity, a law of compassion, a law of mercy, show clearly and self-evidently that they are the servants, officials, and creatures of a sole, unique Single One of Unity, a Peerless Eternally Besought One, an Absolutely Powerful, Absolutely Knowing, Absolutely Compassionate, Absolutely Generous Necessarily Existent One.

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