Question 70: There are a lot of errors in the amino acids we have. Millions of fish eggs or sperm are produced but only one of them survives. The orbits of the planets are not constant.

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Question 70: There are a lot of errors in the amino acids we have. Millions of fish eggs or sperm are produced but only one of them survives. The orbits of the planets are not constant. Does all this not show that everything in the universe is a work of chance, disorder and chaos?

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Answer: Those who put forward these claims look at the universe and beings from the opposite side of the binoculars and see everything in reverse. Nothing in the universe is chaotic and random as they claim. Everything is appropriate and precise as they should be.

Every being in the universe, whether living or non-living, is created in the most perfect way and according to certain purposes. The universe is virtually full of beings, i.e. knowledge. The duty of man is to examine each of these beings one by one, down to the last detail, and to show their reasons for existence and the forms and functions of creation. However, those who are followers of a certain ideology, who cloud the issue and especially those who deny a creator, claim that some beings, which have not been examined yet and whose structure and the subtleties of creation have not yet been discovered and shown yet, have no duty and hence are unnecessary. What they do is charlatanism and gift of the gab. It has no scientific coherence and value.

Look at your own organs and feelings. Which one is the result of randomness? Is your nose not in place? Are your eyes not proportionate and in the place where they should be? What prevented one of your eyes from being on top of your head and the other on your back? What coincidence put those eyes on the face where they should be? Is the shape of your eyes not suitable? Did chance prevent one of your eyes from being like the eye of an ox and the other like the eye of a fly? What coincidence did not place your mouth on your back? What about your teeth? Why are they not in the palm of your hand, but in your mouth? Did the frog in the swamp put them in your mouth? Or did those who claim that everything is chaotic and random put them there? What about your tongue? It enables you to speak and enjoy the taste of so many kinds of food, along with chewing the morsels. Did the sun in the sky, or the ant in the ground prevent it from being like the tongue of a cow or not existing at all? Did the cloud in the air, or fish in the water give you life, spirit and the feelings and faculties that do not exist in elements, such as mind, emotions, imagination, memory, curiosity, anxiety, fear and affection? Or did thefledgling in the nest give them to you? Maybe the winds of coincidence that blow heavily gave them to you.

These structures are in their proper place and shape not only in you but everybody. Take a look around! You will see that all people are equipped with the same organs, structures and feelings. Look at the animal kingdom. Let us see if the eyes, mouths and ears of all sheep are in their proper places like yours? Who created and decorated in the most beautiful way all organs of cows, flies, rabbits, bears and birds, and placed them where they should be?

Do you think all these measured, ordered and neat structures are the work of chance? Besides, humans and animals are not the only beings that are like that. Look at the cherry trees. Can you find any disorder like the existence of walnuts, apples and pomegranate leaves on them? Now look at all people, animals and plants all over the world. In which one can you find traces of coincidence, confusion and chaos? However, if you look through the opposite side of the binoculars, you will see that everything is messy and chaotic.

If you show these facts, very neat, purposeful, and planned creations to those who want to deny a creator and to show the universe as a unattended and a work of coincidence, they will not give up their thoughts because they look at the universe through glasses of denial, that is, through the opposite side of the binoculars. Therefore, it is not possible for them to see and accept the truth. Do not listen to them. Even if you list and explain the reasons for and purposes of the abundance of fish eggs, they will put forward something elsewhose wisdom and duty are unknown because their purpose is to cause mischief and to confuse people. What is known as science all over the world is so little that maybe it is even only ten percent of what should be known.

Now look at their claims. They say that there are many mistakes in amino acids. Those who claim this are followers of positivist philosophy and a small number of atheists. They continue to claim that they took place by chance in a long period of time. Besides, they utter the first sentence in order to be able to say the second sentence.

Even soup does not occur by chance. Prepare and put all the ingredients of the soup in the kitchen and wait after that claiming that it will cook by chance over time. Will your lifespan be long enough to wait for it? At least you can easily say that it will not happen by chance. So how will these amino acids occur by chance? Is there any logical aspect of it to be taken seriously? The whole scientific community cannot finish counting the tasks and wise structures of amino acids, which are the basis of DNA.

If a fish does not lay a million eggs, you will not be able to eat fish; nor can other beings in the sea feed that on fish eggs and young fish can survive. Those who put forward such a claim show their ignorance, not their knowledge.

The fact that the orbits of the planets are not constant should increase our amazement but some people criticize it and attribute it to chance. Which one shows the skill of an administrator: one billion cars not going out on the roads and remaining in car parks or all of them going out but having no accidents? The latter will definitely show the knowledge and power of the administrator. It is stated that there are one billion galaxies in the universe and about three billion planets and stars in each galaxy. Those galaxies move in space at a speed close to the speed of light. Although the speed and movement of each one are different, none of them hits the other. All galaxies move regularly in a great system. We are on one of them. The earth rotates around the sun at a speed of 108 thousand km per hour and rotates around itself once every 24 hours. Despite this turn and speed, we are not even aware that it is moving. What can you tell a person who does not even see or want to see this wonder?

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