Question 74: Some scientists claim that the universe is not perfect and that there is no system. For instance, they say, “It is not perfection for animals to eat one another savagely.”They also say, “DNA’s sequence is not perfect.”Is it true?

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Question 74: Some scientists claim that the universe is not perfect and that there is no system. For instance, they say, “It is not perfection for animals to eat one another savagely.”They also say, “DNA’s sequence is not perfect.”Is it true? Why does a professor say that planets do not move regularly?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Answer: Many scientists talk about the existence of an extremely perfect order and system in the universe. Whose statements shall we believe? Let us put those scientists aside and try to understand whether the planets move regularly or not through the language of those planets. That is, let us pay attention to their duties and course of action. For example, the earth is one of those planets. Its speed around the sun is 108 thousand kilometers per hour. As it is known, the earth rotates around itself in 24 hours. Thus, rotating around the sun with a speed of one hundred and eight thousand kilometers per hour while rotating around itself is a great speed. The earth travels at the same speed for a year, about 365 days, and completes a cycle around the sun. We learn from the calendar when the sun will rise on any day of the year anywhere. For example, it is written in the calendar that the sun will rise at 06:22 on September 2, 2015 in Antalya. Indeed, the sun rises in this city at the hour and minute shown on the calendar. How do we know this in advance and write it on the calendar? Because the earth passes from same place it passed a year ago at the same hour and at the same minute, or with a difference of a few minutes.

Just imagine: While the earth rotates rapidly around itself, it also rotates around the sun at a speed of one hundred eight thousand kilometers per hour, and passes from the same place in space at the same hour and minute. The speed of the earth does not change and its distance from the sun remains the same. It neither approaches the sun nor distances from it. If it approached the sun, all living beings would burn. If it distanced from the sun, all living beings would freeze.

The same thing is valid for the moon. It rotates both around itself and around the earth as well as around the sun at a certain speed. If it approached the earth, Doomsday would strike. Could there be a greater order and system in space than this one? Pay attention to the movements of the planets, not the words of the scientists who cannot see that great order and system in the universe.

Now let us go a bit further with you and imagine entering the community of stars and planets, that is, a galaxy. The galaxy in which we are located is called the Milky Way galaxy. Its shape is like a loaf of bread. The long axis of this galaxy is one hundred thousand light years and its short axis is 30 thousand light years long. As it is known, the speed of light is three hundred thousand kilometers per second. That is, light reaches the long axis of the Milky Way galaxy in one hundred thousand years and the short axis in 30 thousand years. It is hard to imagine this magnitude. There are billions of stars and planets in this galaxy. The earth, the sun and moon are only a few of them. These stars and planets move at a certain speed both around themselves and around many other stars and planets. There is no collision among these stars or going astray. It is estimated that there are about a billion galaxies in space like our Milky Way galaxy. The speed of some of these galaxies in space is close to the speed of light. The closest galaxy to us is the Andromeda galaxy. Its distance to us is 15 million light years. You can estimate the size of space.

In space, in galaxies moving at a speed close to the speed of light with billions of stars and planets, stars and planets in different orbits and at very different speeds neither collide one another nor go astray.

Those who claim that stars and planets move irregularly in order to hide the creator based on their own minds to make some people believe that everything happens randomly deceive only themselves. All galaxies, and the planets and stars they contain deny such scientists. Do not pay attention to such scientists, but to the galaxies, and the stars and planets they contain.

Why do those who call animals eating one another as disorder eat fish, chicken, sheep, goat and cattle themselves? Allah, who made it legitimate for them to eat these animals, made the small fish sustenance for the big fish. Thus, both the order and beauty in the universe are ensured and the sustenance for living beings is provided.

One fish lays a million eggs. If all of them became fish, the seas would be filled with fish in a few years and life would be a dungeon for all living beings due to the smell of fish. If birds did not eat locusts, some animals did not eat ants and frogs, cats and snakes did not eat mice, and eagles did not eat snakes, locusts would not leave any green leaves on the earth. Ants and frogs would cover the earth. Mice and snakes would fill houses. Those criticizing the present food order in the universe would look for a place to escape.

It is enough for those who want to see the perfection in DNA sequencing to look at their own bodies. It is an infinite possibility for the place, size and shape of each organ of human beings to be in their present form. That is, the size and shape of the eye and its location in the body are always encoded in DNA. The disorder of DNA would cause all organs to be in different places and shapes from their present state, and some organs not to occur at all.

There was a group of atheists in the 1960s and 1970s. They used to say “I do not believe in what my eyes do not see.”After the existence of television and radio waves and the information and images loaded on those waves being seen on television screens though they were not seen with the naked eye after the 1970s, we thought that there were no such ignorant people any more. However, we see that there are still ignorant people who consider themselves knowledgeable.

We have more knowledge of DNA compared to the past but that is still very little. There are so many structures, orders, and secrets in DNA structure waiting to be discovered. In the near future, most of this information will be understood and it will open new horizons for people.

Do not pay attention those people who regard the information in DNA as useless. Actually, they themselves are useless and unnecessary in this world. If you had asked the people with this mentality about the role of DNA twenty years ago, you would have got the same answer. That is, they would have regarded many fields as unnecessary. However, such information was obtained about DNA in the last 20 years that the identification of criminals, the diagnosis of the mother and father of the child, the identification and detection of some genetic diseases, test tube babies, cloning, the elimination of incompatibilities in tissue and organ transplants, some genetic and improvement studies in the kingdoms of plants and animals became possible thanks to understanding the DNA structure a bit better.

All developed countries of the world spend an incredible amount of money to go to the moon, Venus, other planets and stars. Thousands of projects are done all over the world in order to understand the structure of DNA, and countless amount of money is spent for it.

Those idiots say, “There is nothing in space, DNA is useless and has an empty and unnecessary structure; it is not worth researching.”They want to say with this claim that Allah does not exist. They are not sincere in these irreligious claims either because an irreligious person does not want to be ridiculed by referring to such nonsense. Their purpose is not an innocent intention to believe in Allah by reaching the evidence that proves the existence of Allah.

They are not only irreligious, ignorant people, but also traitors. One cannot be such an enemy of science and technology in order to deny Allah. It is understood that their aim is to confuse the minds of young people, to prevent them from studying and making new discoveries by doing research. They are called the fifth column forces. Their duty is to direct the youth of a nation to debauchery and entertainment, to make them doubtful and hopeless about the existence of the future and the hereafter, and to exploit them like African countries by making them irreligious under the name of so-called science.

Ask the person who claims that everything is pointless and unnecessary the following questions:

Is his heart, or its working all the time unnecessary? Are blood vessels unnecessary? Does he not need lungs? Are his kidneys unnecessary? Was his tongue created as something extra? Is the liver, which is known to have more than 300 functions, useless and unnecessary? Do his hands and feet have no duty? Are his eyes unnecessary? There are so many people who need these organs; why does he not donate these organs, which he consider sun necessary and useless, to others?

A person cannot be so ignorant. It can only be some nonsense and delusion in the name of the fifth column.

Everything in the universe, from atoms to galaxies, is in an extremely precise order, measure and system. Do not look at those who claim the opposite, but the beings in the universe. They will show you Allah, who created them like that and who has infinite knowledge, will and power, with their structures having order, system and measure.

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