How many planets are there in the solar system?

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It is said that our religion gives information about the number of the planets in our solar system. I have even heard that there are twelve planets. Will you explain it?

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Badiuzzaman Said Nursi states that there are twelve planets in the solar system.  

"American astronomers stated that they discovered two new planets about 150 light years away from the earth. According to the statement made by San Francisco University, the planets that have been discovered are located in an orbit around two stars similar to the sun and they are as big as Jupiter. Along with the 2 planets discovered by the teams of Geoffrey Marcy and Paul Butler, the number of the planets discovered in the solar system since 1995 became 12. 9 of these planets were discovered by Marcy and Butler. Like the other planets that were stated to be discovered, the last two planets were not observed physically. While about 430 stars were being observed by two Keck telescopes located in Mauna Kea, the existence of those two planets was discovered thanks to their effect on the stars that they have been rotating around. A space study published in Nature magazine showed that a planet system formed around two stars near Taurus constellation and in orbits near each other. According to a research done by an international team headed by the Mexican Luis Rodriguez, planets form more often than expected around these pairs of stars, which confirms that there are more planets in the solar system. It is stated that most of the planets are not alone but in groups of two or sometimes three unlike the sun."

If we go back and look at Risale-i Nur Collection written in 1928 after this news, we see the same truth there. For instance, the following is written in the 21st Window of the 33rd Word:

"…the twelve planets including our globe known as the solar system..."

"Now we shall refer to the all-encompassing knowledge of Allah the wonders of the solar system, that is, the twelve planets which are the sun's followers and fruits..."

The following is stated in the last part of Lem'alar (Flashes) called Munajat:

"There is not even one planet among the 12 planets stars that..."

If we think how Badiuzzaman Said Nursi determined this truth, we see many scientific discoveries and karamahs in his works. We quoted some of them from time to time. This is one of them. Besides, its resource is the Quran because there is a simile about the sun, the moon and eleven stars in a verse:

"Behold Joseph said to his father: 'O my father! I did see eleven stars and the sun and the moon: I saw them prostrate themselves to me.'" (Yusuf, 12/4)

The following is stated at the end of the story of Yusuf:

"Then when they entered the presence of Joseph, he provided a home for his parents with himself, and said: 'Enter ye Egypt (all) in safety if it please Allah.' And he raised his parents high on the throne (of dignity), and they fell down in prostration, (all) before him. He said: 'O my father! This is the fulfilment of my vision of old.'"(Yusuf, 12/99-100)

We understand that the moon and the sun in the dream are Yusuf's mother and father. They bring to mind a group and a system out of one thing. 12 brothers including Yusuf means 12 stars, which indicates strongly that there are 12 planets in the solar system.   

We will see what else will take place from the things he stated. If we have a long life, we will see them.

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