Could you please give information about "Al-Fard" (single) which is among the names of Allah?

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Could you please give information about "Al-Fard" (single) which is among the names of Allah?
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This name is pronounced as “Fard” if stopped at the end of the sentence. If not, it is pronounced as “Fardun”.

The name Fard expresses the oneness of Allah; it teaches that there is nothing equal and similar to Him.

The name Fard is more comprehensive than the names Wahid and Ahad. The name Ahad expresses the oneness of Allah himself, and the name Wahid expresses the uniqueness of His attributions. The name Fard covers both meanings. In this sense, the name Fard can be described as, “The unique being which is free from the existence of anything equal to and resembling Him in person, and also His attributions”.

In the world of creatures, there are innumerable proofs and phenomena of the name Fard. Though the universe consists of innumerable stars and galaxies, all of them are still one thing. This one thing is called the universe and we see a manifestation of the name Fard in it.

It is also possible to see Fard in all of universe’s results and fruits: All the cells working in human body and all the emotions wandering in the soul constitute oneness and emerge as a single human being. In this sense, we can observe a manifestation of the name Fard in man, who is a single being.

Similarly, all the planets in the Solar System have constituted oneness and formed a single system.

Every tree constitutes oneness with its branches, leaves, flowers and fruit and grows as a single tree. More examples can be given.

In short, everything that has an individual character bears a manifestation of the name Fard and cries out that He is a single being, His attributions or creatures given to His servitude cannot be attributed to other beings and declares Allah’s oneness with infinite tongues.

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