Can you give some information about UFOs (aliens)?

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Are jinn interested in science and technology? Can the things that we call UFO in the sky not be actually the vehicles of jinn? Is there any information about extraterrestrial life (except from jinn and angels) in the Qur’an and our other religious resources?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

People are interested in topics that they cannot understand. We wondered how big the earth we live on was and what would happen if we went to the end of it. Those days, the fastest vehicle that we could invent was the sailing boat. Without rising and taking photographs, humanity could find out that the world was round by pushing the limits of these sailing boats all the way through, with the reinforcement of courage.

The aliens of those days on the land that had just been discovered were natives and animals. Although we lived in the same world, every new culture and tribe developed different tools and languages. For instance, Australians had invented a tool called boomerang for hunting while Asian people used bow and arrow in the world in which aerodynamic properties and gravitation were the same. Lots of different lifestyles in different places of the world show that there is no limit for human mind and imagination.

Those unlimited dreams of us arouse curiosity in us. Nowadays, dreams of science world are focused on searching for extraterrestrial smart life. It will be really the most important news the world has experienced so far if some people say someday that they communicate with living creatures from other planets.

People are divided into two parts on that matter. Some say that it will be possible to communicate with extraterrestrial smart creatures while others say that even if there are extraterrestrial smart creatures, communication with them is not possible because of the distance. Moreover, there is a matter of debate about those kinds of creatures’ visiting the world on and on. The issue of UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) have been preoccupying people for years. To figure out what extent it is possible, let us see the walls separating us from possible aliens and let us investigate the data together.

This issue, that is, the issue UFO and extraterrestrial smart life, is quite large but it needs investigating in terms of limiting factors. For example, the issue can be reduced to the level that almost everybody can understand when investigated in social and physical aspects. First of all, I would say that UFO means “Unidentified Flying Object” contrary to the thought that it means a spaceship. For, that word is the acronym of the phrase (Unidentified Flying Object) in English. So, that definition includes all the things that are flying and unclear because of appearing a very short time and probably because of being seen from a distance. Even a balloon a kid has slipped through his fingers falls into the category of UFO if people that have seen it from a distance cannot get what it is because people that have seen it in the act of flying cannot determine what it is.

If we have a look at the physical size of claimed visits, we will be confronted by a number of formidable obstacles. Under normal conditions, we have to think that our alien friends that are able to visit us are from our galaxy and are relatively close to us. Since there is no other planet in our solar system containing smart life apart from the world we live in, it will be reasonable to start with one of the closest stars.

Up to now, we have not identified visually even another planet that is orbiting around a star other than the sun. We just doubt whether there is a planet around it, based on the little vibrations on the star due to some pull factors. It is not possible now to see a planet surrounding another star with a telescope or any other instrument because it is like the example I will give below:

We cannot see the firefly around the headlights of a car which is far away even if we can see the bright headlights when they are turned to us. The light of the firefly is not strong enough to reach a long distance; and headlights are too bright to make it invisible. The light of a planet is less than the light of a firefly near the headlight in the example when compared to a star. In other words, it is impossible now to identify neither whether the planet orbiting another star has appropriate conditions to live nor whether there is a planet over there.

If we suppose that those aliens have technology to overcome it, they need some other data to visit the inhabitants of a planet they saw – for example, whether there is intelligent life there or not. In order to identify it, the only data that indicate our presence are telecasts and radio broadcasts. The invention of the radio is still so recent. The first broadcast in the world has reached a maximum 80 light-year distance now. That is, a person living further away cannot notice our presence here.

All science world agree unanimously that there is no other way to understand our existence here other than by means of radio signals reaching space. In that case, we cannot expect probable visitors from a distance further than 80 light years. Moreover, that distance is valid providing that once they get the first pulse, they set off, come here in one second and arrive in the world nowadays. Even if it is regarded that the spaceships that we think they have travel at speed of light, we have to reduce the actual distance to 40 light years because it lasts about 80 light years to arrive here. (We need to regard that those visitors are in a 40 light-year distance, hear us in the 40th year and travel for 40 years!) Furthermore, the distance will decrease more by reason of the fact that the first radio signals were only 30 years old in 1950s if it is considered the first and the most widespread UFO observations were in those years. So, it will be adequate to do some research on stars that are 15 light years away in order to search the claims about our alien visitors in those years when radio waves had just reached a 30 light-year distance, not 40.

The claims that magnificent monuments in ancient civilizations, for example, Ancient Egypt, Kampuchea-Anchor and Mexico, and sky-maps were taught or made by aliens are impossible because there was no broadcasting out in those years. For, there was no signal to attract these aliens that came to teach us in those days.

If we go back to the case of about 15 light-year distance, there are 50 stars in the global distances of the world’s 15 light-year radius. Proxima Centauri, the closest one of them, is at a distance of approximately 4,3 light years. Concorde, the current fastest airliner of the world, can cover that distance in 2.454.337 (two million four hundred fifty four thousand three hundred thirty seven) years. A space shuttle has to travel at very high speed, for at least 175.000 (one hundred seventy five thousand) years to arrive here. Let us set aside this hardness supposing that aliens have high-speed (about speed of light) space shifts and look at the other aspects of the topic. There are lots of drawbacks that reduce the possibility of having systems of planets containing life conditions of about 50 stars in light-year distance. A star needs some features to provide life conditions. It will be useful to have a look at the system of star classification.

Stars are examined in 7 categories. Every star is included in a category of, from bigger to smaller, (O, B, A, F, G, K, M) based on their size and brightness. For example, the sun is a star of category G. That is to say, it is a small yellow-white star below the average. Furthermore, every category is separated into 10 subcategories and 8 brightness categories. For example, the sun is classified as G2V, in other words, it is a yellow dwarf star, included in category G.

Since very big stars (especially O, B, A and to a large extent F categories) run out of their fuels too fast, they are in short supply and are not appropriate for life with their short life and unsteady state. The smallest and pallid stars (category M and smaller ones of category K) are again inadequate for containing life and system of planets. In that case, we need to have a look at category G stars, which are close to us, and partly category K stars. There are 3 stars which are included in that category and are 15 light years away and closer. These stars are two stars in Centauri system, which is 4,3 light years away and the star called Epsilon Eridani, which is 10 light years away. It is reckoned that the two stars in Alpha Centauri system form a three-star system that orbit around one another and share the systems, they cannot have a stable planet system as we have by reason of their gravity disequilibrium. Therefore, we have to eliminate the star called Alpha Centauri A, which is almost the same as the sun, and its neighbor. There remains only Epsilon Eridani. That star is quite a young star with its age of about 500 million years and it still needs a lot of time for comprise a stable planet system to form around it.

As is seen, there is no planet system containing life conditions around us -at least so close to us as to be able to be informed about us- even if they get to the top of their technological capabilities. There is no need to search further because it is too hard to believe in the existence of the creatures that will find us by chance thought they do not know we are here, among the stars and planets that are more than the sands in the seas.

Now, let us talk about the issue whether aliens visit our world or not socially and suppose that it really happened in spite of all physical obstacles, including the light-year walls that separate us, by accepting the existence of aliens. Almost 50 years passed after the first UFOs were seen. When we think that at least one of these thousands of observations was a real alien visit, a question comes to mind:

- If we had the spaceships and similar technology that aliens had and went to their planet covering tens of light year distance, would we communicate with these creatures officially with our wonderful equipment and knowledge

At least, would we not say “We have come and we live in such and such place”? I do not suppose that there is a person who will say, “No, we would stay for a couple of seconds in a city’s sky after covering such a big distance.” It is so interesting that people who take alien visits seriously believe that aliens build spaceships to visit other planets and cover such a big distance and turn back after coming here even without saying hello.

Personally, I find the claims that they do not want to frighten us or they want to wait for us to develop surprising. I respect claims about aliens regarding them as an opinion and an idea in spite of its apparent impossibility as long as they are not associated with materialistic and coincidental philosophy.

Personally, if the things that we seek are different lifestyles and different creatures, we should seek at dimensions that we could not pass into, not far away, maybe closer than our heart. All explanations about displays and stories that seem unbelievable are in our Book, in which all the secrets of the universe are written. If we seek all the truths about them or other intelligent creatures, this is the address: Verses 8-9, the chapter of Jinn.

“And we have sought (to reach) the heaven but found it filled with powerful guards and burning flames. And we used to sit therein in positions for hearing, but whoever listens now will find a burning flame lying in wait for him.”

(se Mehmet AKYÜREK, Duvarları Aş da Gel, Zafer Magazine, 2001/297)

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