Are there any living creatures in other planets?

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Are aliens real? Is there any information about aliens or creatures living in other planets in the Qur’an?

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- As far as we know, “aliens” mentioned by earthmen are not real. In the Qur’an’s statements, there is no clarity about aliens or humans or any other living creatures living in other planets. However, the existence of angels and spirits is mentioned there.

- Nevertheless, in addition to the planets in which spirits and angels live, it is not impossible for creatures like humans to live in some stars that have the necessary living conditions.

As a matter of fact, Badiuzzaman Said Nursi mentioned that possibility with the following words:

“...(from the explanation of the verse about seven skies and seven layers of the earth...) with the references of both existence of seven planets similar to our world, and having room for living creatures ( to existence of another world that is suitable for some creatures to live and resembles to the world) it is discovered from the ayah of the Qur’an that with the reference of existence of seven layer, that is, seven worlds, even the world is formed with seven layersalso the seven levels indicating that seven further globes exist resembling our globe, and that they are the dwelling places of living creatures– from these indications it has been understood from verses of the Qur’an that the earth too has seven levels.

It thus becomes clear that the earth has seven sorts of levels that exist in seven ways. The eighth, which is the final meaning, is important from another point of view; it is not included in the seven.”  (Lemalar (Flashes), 65)

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