Are there angels made of electricity?

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Are there angels made of electricity?

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In the Quran, the world and earth are mentioned as “ard”. It is stated that all prophets foremost Hz. Adam were sent to the world. Meanwhile, it is stated in the hadith of Miraj (Ascension) that some prophets like Hz. Ibrahim (Abraham), Hz. Idris (Enoch) and Hz. Isa (Jesus) have positions on some layers of the sky. 

It is also stated in verse 44 of the chapter of al-Isra and verse 12 of the chapter of at-Talaq that the earth consists of seven layers like the sky. However, it is not definitely stated what these layers of the earth are and whether those layers of the earth are seven continents or not.

It is necessary not to ignore the following fact: There are so many living beings with spirits, intelligence and consciousness in this planet called earth; similarly, the other planets, stars and celestial bodies have spiritual beings peculiar to their living conditions, structures and locations. Badiuzzaman Said Nursi explains the issue as follows:  

“The globe of the earth being the home of these infinite numbers of beings endowed with consciousness and spirit, despite its insignificance and density among the lofty heavenly bodies and planets, and even its grossest and most rotten particulars becoming masses of microorganisms when they cease as sources of life, necessarily, demonstrably, decisively indicates to, testifies to and proclaims that infinite space and the majestic heavens with their constellations and stars are full of animate beings, conscious beings, and beings with spirits. The Illustrious Shari’a of Muhammad (pbuh) and the Qur’an of Miraculous Exposition call these beings, who are created from fire, light, and even from electricity, and from other subtle flowing matter, “the angels, the jinn, and spirit beings”.  (Yirmi Dokuzuncu Söz, Birinci Maksat, Birinci Esas [29th Word, First Aim, First Fundamental Point])

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