Did Hz. Jibril (Gabriel) come to the earth after the death of the Prophet?

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Did Hz. Jibril (Gabriel) come to the earth after the death of the Prophet?

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Hz. Jibril (Gabriel) did not come to the earth after the death of the Prophet (pbuh) with the purpose of conveying revelation. For, revelation ended with the death of the Prophet. To convey revelation to prophets is only one duty of Hz. Jibril. He has some other duties. For instance, he is the head of the angels that are in charge of giving inspiration to all creatures; from this point of view, he is related to the world and can come to the world.

An important part of subtle creatures consists of angels. They were created from luminous light; their ranks are fixed since they are not subject to testing. They only obey divine orders. They always do good deeds and fulfil their duties. They never disobey. They do not have the ability to commit evil.

They are appointed to carry out almost all material and spiritual affairs in the universe. Every being has an angel appointed specially for it. Their degrees are different from one another based on the importance of their duties. The greatest angels are Jibril (Gabriel), Mikail (Michael), Israfil (Israfel) and Azrail (Azrael). There is an appointed angel for the sun and similar stars; it is narrated in hadiths that every rain dropp is carried by an angel.

These angels have special duties and there are dhikrs and tasbihat that they always say. Therefore, Jibril always mentions Allah and glorifies Him with his majestic state.

Angels do not have only one duty. Jibril’s conveying revelation to prophets is only one of his duties. They can do more than one thing simultaneously. Badiuzzaman Said Nursi explains the issue as follows:

"Just as in this dense and dark narrow world the sun is present in the same way at the same time in numerous mirrors, so too, as is proved in the Sixteenth Word, a luminous being may be present in many places in the same way at the same time. For example, Gabriel (Peace be upon him) being on a thousand stars simultaneously, and at the Divine Throne, and in the presence of the Prophet (PBUH), and in the Divine Presence; and the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) meeting with most of the righteous of his community at the resurrection of the dead at the same time and appearing in this world in innumerable places simultaneously; and a strange group of the saints known as abdal, appearing at the same time in many places; and ordinary people sometimes carrying out as much as a year’s work in one minute in a dream and observing this; and everyone being in contact with and concerned with numerous places at the same time in their hearts, spirits, and imaginations – all these are well-known and may be witnessed. Most certainly, in Paradise, therefore, which is luminous, unrestricted, broad, and eternal, the people of Paradise, whose bodies have the strength and lightness of the spirit and the swiftness of imagination, being in hundreds of thousands of places at the same time, and conversing with hundreds of thousands of houris, and receiving pleasure in hundreds of thousands of ways, is fitting for that eternal Paradise, that infinite mercy, and as told by the Bringer of Sure News (PBUH), is reality and the truth. Nevertheless, these vast truths cannot be weighed on the scales of our tiny minds."

"This tiny mind cannot perceive the true meanings. / For, this scale cannot bear such a weight."

How can one Azrail be thousands of Azrail simultaneously?

The presence of a single speaker on TV simultaneously in every home and the instant transmitting of all news to every viewer should set a good example for the presence of Hazrat Azrael in the home of every person whose death time has come. As science develops, the proof of such events will become easier.

A civil servant who works at an electric supply system of a city can turn off thousands of lamps within one second. He can cause a city to be plunged into darkness in a split second. Besides, these examples are all from the material world. The beings we are mentioning here are from the spiritual world. That is, this becomes easier to understand.

As the real being of Hazrat Azrael, who is an individual of the world of similitude, waits at a headquarters, beings representing him become manifest near the people to die and take away their spirits. It is like a speaker who is in New York but is heard in all houses where there are television sets.

Can we say, “How will a man who is in New York be seen and heard all over the country?”

Why should something that can be possible in the systems produced by human beings be impossible for Allah, who gave human beings the knowledge and intelligence? Besides, Azrael has assistants. It is known that he appointed them. Then, the issue seems every easy.

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