Will you give information about Hz. Jibril’s coming disguised as Dihya?

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Will you give information about Hz. Jibril’s coming disguised as Dihya?
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Hz. Jibril can take the form of anything. The Prophet saw him in his original shape twice: The first one: at the beginning of revelation while returning to Makkah from Hira; the second one in Sidratul-Muntaha while returning from Miraj (Ascension). (as-Saati, al-Fathur-Rabbani, VIII, 5)

Jibril sometimes brought the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) revelation disguised as a human being. He often came disguised as Dihya al-Kalbi, who was a handsome and young Companion. (Tajrid Sarikh Translation, IX / 35)

Dihya was one of the most handsome Companions who had a white skin. The resources report unanimously that Jibril came disguised as Dihya. When the Companions found out about it, they could not tell whether the person sitting next to the Prophet (pbuh) was Dihya or Jibril.

The appearance of Jibril as a human being in the presence of the Companions is a miracle of the Prophet (pbuh). Another important issue is that luminous beings can appear in various places simultaneously because they are not subject to certain conditions. For instance, Jibril can appear disguised as Dihya in the presence of the Prophet (pbuh) while he can do something else somewhere else.

After the death of the Prophet, Dihya participated in the Expedition of Syria during the caliphate of Hz. Abu Bakr. He took part in the Battle of Yarmuq during the caliphate of Hz. Umar as the commander. After the conquest of Syria, he went to Damascus and settled in the neighborhood of Mizza. He died in 670.

Hz. Jibril accompanied the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) from Makkah to Quds (Jerusalem) and then to Sidratul-Muntaha in the Incident of Isra and Miraj. (Bukhari, Bad'u'l-Khalq 6; Salah 1)

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